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The problem of loss of data is a real one and can happen at any time. Corporate entities and individuals need and do work hard to protect the data they have managed to acquire. However, despite all this, events do take place that leads to loss of data. Fortunately, you now have an efficient method to retrieve lost data the following systems:

  • Windows (Emptied Recycle Bin, Formatted Partition, Lost/Deleted Partition, Photo, Image, Video & Audio, Lost Files in Local & External Drive, Lost Files in Memory Card)
  • Mac (Deleted, formatted & lost files, Lost files from any Mac computer, Lost photos, movies, music, etc. Lost files from external HDD, Lost files from flash storage and Preview before recovery)
  • iOS (Recover from iOS device without backup, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Contacts/Messages/Notes/Call History/Calendars/Reminders/Bookmarks)
  • Android (Retrieve deleted files directly, Contacts/Messages/Photos, Recover lost data from SD cards and Videos/Audio/Documents)

The EaseUs data recovery software would be able to recover the data lost from any source. Whether it is the hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, music player or any other storage, if data gets lost due to some reformatting or software problem, you can rely on this software to pull back stuff for you and it only takes 3 steps to do that.

How do you use the EaseUS data recovery software?

You need to be clear about what you wish to recover. So a preview by specifying the right file type is essential prior to the scanning so that you get precise search results. You can then further filter the search by the name of the file and date to save time and get them quickly. You have the option to stop at any time before continuing further if you wish to. The scan results up to that point can be stored and accessed later to continue your recovery process.

It Could Also Recover From Lost Partitions:

Even this software also helps you recover lost partitions in your system. It has a partition recovery feature that can recover that lost or deleted partition in quick time. You can do this using the scan options available on this software to get at the specific partition.

Recover From Lost PartitionsVarious types of partitions like NTFS, HFSX, FAT, and HFS to name a few can be recovered using this software. The usage is simple and anybody would be able to do it. The interface is user-friendly and what’s more, it is absolutely safe for your system. The EaseUS data recovery software solution is the perfect one-stop solution to retrieve data and partitions effectively and quickly.

Recover SoftwareThe EaseUS data recovery software compares well with the Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software in all respects. However, the latter has an edge is being able to recover data from even optical media like CDs and DVDs. It is also similar to software like the Recover My Files data recovery software that also boasts of retrieving stuff from even the recycle bin.

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