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What PDFs and HTMLs have in common is universality. Both formats are praised and widely used precisely for this trait. While PDFs are second to none in the business sphere, making business and other important documentation easily viewable on any computing device and platform, HTML pages are the standard for online, browser-based viewing.

PDF_to_htmlOf course, PDFs can also be viewed in a browser and it is not a rare practice to embed PDF files in a blog or website, but for the purpose of presenting information online in the best possible way, creating the maximum accessibility and enabling search engines to better index these pages, HTML format is more suitable.

To this end, PDF to HTML conversion tools have been developed to be of use to a large variety of users, from sleek, tech-savvy web designers with no time to create a webpage from scratch, to entrepreneurs running an online business and bloggers with zero coding knowledge.

Repurposing PDF content with PDF conversion tools

People store all kinds of information on their computer in the Portable Document Format. Many computer folder archives consist of academic presentations, financial reports, personal essays, family photos, etc. This abundance of material is perfect for repurposing and posting online, saving us time we would otherwise have to spend on new content research and creating a new web page. So, when we have the right content, all we need is a quick tool for converting PDF material into a web page.

Since PDF to HTML conversion is very complicated in the technical sense, it is not easy to create a tool that preserves the PDF layout once the file is converted into a web page. That is why smooth PDF to HTML converters are precious, and one such tool is Investintech’s PDF to HTML Converter. It allows users to quickly upload a PDF file and turn it into an HTML page, without asking users for any other information, such as an email address.

How to use PDF to HTML converter:

Using this software is very easy and the two necessary steps are clearly explained on the tool’s page.

1)    First upload a PDF file you wish to convert to HTML:

Convert PDF to HTML Online

2)    Click on the Preview button and the converted web page will appear in a browser.

Once users preview their HTML file, they can embed the URL on their website and share it with their readers for six months.

3 reasons for converting into HTML

Depending on the size of the PDF file, conversion can take up from a few seconds to a few minutes, but it delivers accurate results. Also, since this service is completely free, it may happen that many users are uploading their files at the same time, which can slow down the process, but never for longer than several minutes.

To sum it up for bloggers and website owners, there are three very good reasons to convert PDFs into HTMLs:

  1. Long PDF files are not easy to navigate online, as opposed to web content which can easily be broken up.
  2. Users without PDF viewers won’t be able to see your website’s PDF content.
  3. Last but not least, and as mentioned earlier, search engines are not too friendly towards PDFs.
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