Mac Data Recovery Recovers Deleted Files Easily (Review)


Data loss is frustrating and makes us hopeless since we lose not just the data but also the time and effort we invested in its creation. There is a lot of data recovery software available but today we are going to discuss and review one of the best software to recover your lost data on MacOS. “Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery” helps you to easily recover deleted files & folders, missing or corrupt drives and even accidentally formatted files from any storage media based on Mac systems. It supports macOS High Sierra and older versions. It’s a powerful Mac data rescue software that works to do what it has to offer. Especially when you had not taken a backup of your vital documents and memorable pictures.

Our Experience with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:

  • Easy to install and start the scan
  • It offers Quick and Deep Scan.
  • User-friendly.
  • The software supports large fragmented data recovery in HFS, HFS+ File system.
  • It supports the recovery of most file types. (Documents, Images, Audio, Videos, Archives, Emails, Applications)
  • It supports Recovery from Any Internal & External Storage Devices.
  • Allows you to measure whether files are recoverable or not.
  • It offers many recovery modes to deal with different data loss scenarios.
  • It recovers your data back with its original file names.
  • Automatically switches to Deep Scan if there is severe corruption in a drive.
  • Direct live chat support or WhatsApp support

Major Features

1. User-friendly

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is easy to use & it allows you to choose the data to be recovered from your internal and external storage devices conveniently. The software supports all Mac compatible file formats and works with the latest version of Mac OS High Sierra which includes mandatory 64 Bit version support. The software has been designed in such a manner that makes you easy to recover all your lost data in any situation.

2. Data Recovering Options

Data Recovering OptionsIt could be anything that you have lost, maybe an excel or word documents, business emails, anniversary videos, self-recorded audio or memorable photos! Everything can be recovered by using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software which offers ease of use! No hassle, all you have to do is, specify what types of files you need to recover, you can pick between

  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Video
  • Audio file
  • Photos

3. Quick & Deep Scan

Quick & Deep ScanTo make the data recovery process faster and easier. Mac data recovery gives you two scanning techniques namely – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan, as the name suggests, quickly scans the Mac hard drive for lost files. Deep Scan which is based on file name, runs a thorough scan and yields better and correct results. You can switch to Deep Scan if the software is unable to find desired files after running Quick Scan.

4. Recovers Completely Trashed Files

We found the following lost data from our system. It is unimaginable that we recovered 1071309 files which are about 257.71 GB of data recoverable.

Recovers Completely Trashed FilesWithout a backup, the deleted or lost data can’t be restored from Mac OS. But trust me, it’s possible to recover with help of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. You can regain files even if they have been deleted from Trash and restore them fully to a location of your choice. If you’re a new user, it will be simplifying the complex task. You should select what to recover and then select the location on the device for this software to search.

5. MacOS High Sierra Data Recovery

MacOS High Sierra Data RecoveryStellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is 100% safe and reliable utility for a Mac. It won’t do any damages to your hard drive regardless of the operations you perform. This is mainly because Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery performs read-only procedures thus it won’t write any additional data to your storage device. While running on macOS High Sierra all you have to do is to follow certain steps to prepare your Mac System to recover data. You need to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) first and then run the software.


There are many Mac data recovery programs dedicated to recovering photos and other multimedia files from storage media. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an application which is specifically designed when you’ve deleted or lost important files out of your flash drive or Mac machine. This software recovers lost multimedia files from memory cards and hard drives and it is user-friendly. The app is secure as well.

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  • Thanks for an honest review! The quick scan was fast but a Deep scan took too much time. Overall my data loss situation resolve.

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