Is A Good Customer Service Essential When Implementing A Payroll Software Solution?

Payroll Software Solution

If you are about to buy a UK payroll software solution with a leading provider, don’t buy until you know the level of customer service you are going to get. Customer services are always important for any software solution, and this guide explains why they are so important for payroll, and how you can find a good payroll customer service provider.

What good customer services can offer you?

Customer support for payroll management software is essential for many reasons. It can help you during the installation and set-up process, you can ensure your software is the latest version and check that all the other applications you need are properly installed. Automatic installation is usually provided with an Internet connection, but without Internet, you may need to follow a manual installation process.

Customer services are vital for the unlikely occasions that the software fails to work or you find a bug, but the truly useful thing about customer services is the fact that you have a dedicated point of expertise in case you get confused or you do not understand how to use a software feature. This is not just computer and technical expertise, but payroll expertise also, so you can also get in contact to learn more about areas of payroll you don’t understand, or for assistance with areas of payroll you don’t know how to implement with the software.

Payroll Software SolutionWhat to look out for…

When you are searching for a UK payroll software provider, make sure you consider the following:

Convenience – Most payroll providers offer a number of contact options for your convenience, including phone and email support. Check to see the opening hours for telephone support. If support is not based in the UK, make sure the opening hours match your working schedule.

Location – Where is the customer service office located? It is always best when you can call UK experts based in or around the UK, and thankfully the majority of UK providers offer this.

Cost – Does the company charge for support services? If you have a small business and want a payroll solution to keep management in-house, you will likely need support as you become familiar with the system. In this case you should look for free customer services and support.

Real Time Information – Buy RTI payroll software and take advantage of the high levels of customer service and support available to you.

Search online forums and look at customer testimonials to get an idea of the quality and helpfulness of customer services available from the leading providers.

Other Help Services

If you are having problems in understanding your software, you should try and solve the problem by consulting the software documentation first before you get in contact with customer services. Any good software solution will come equipped with help guides, instructions, and comprehensive documentation covering in detail the different software functions and how to use them. Some providers also offer video tutorials to help newcomers get to grips with the system.

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