Merge Outlook PST Files to Handle Database Effectively


Are you fed up of handling of many small PST files? Outlook PST Merge is an excellent tool to merge your files. The tool enables to join/ merge PST files to a single PST so that handling becomes easy. One of the top rated features of the tool is the merging contacts into single PST address book. Let’s discuss features of PST merge and rate for its value.

Let’s discuss the some of the features of the tool.


Performance is important criteria to be evaluated for any product and same is with PST Merge also. The tool performs well with all PST files and produces the desired target PST out of it. Unlimited number of PSTs can be merged together. The file size does not limit the performance of the tool. It is fast enough to handle PSTs of any size.

User Interaction

The interface design of Outlook PST Merge is very simple and user friendly. The layout of the user buttons, checkboxes, etc gives a professional appearance to the tool. The selected files will be enlisted in the window so that it gives the user a clear idea about the files going to be merged. The browsing of file is very easy with the tool and it provides custom options to store the target PST.


The Pre-requirement for Outlook PST merge is Outlook, which is actually quite normal for users because one who owns multiple PST files mostly have any one of the Outlook Versions installed in his system. PST can only be accessed in Outlook.

User Interaction


Outlook PST Merge is very much accurate in merging files. It does not forge or alter the contents in the PST file. Fast and accurate tool is always preferred by the users in this century. PST merge is an accurate tool with high performance.

Versions and Cost

Similar to all other products available in the market Outlook PST merge also comes in two forms: Free version and Licensed version. Free version limits the merging of contents to first 15 items in the folder. Three levels of license are available for PST Merge Software i.e. personal/ Business/ Enterprise level and cost different depending upon the scope of usage.


The working of PST Merge is briefly explained here.

  1. Add files: The files/ Folders can be added to the merging tool.
  2. Merging: The combining of PST files can be in three different ways: Join, Merge, and Merge Contacts.

working of PST MergeJoin allows you to Join PST files by creating new folder for merged files where as Merge allow you to merge similar folders into single PST. Merge Contact is the special feature to merge only the contacts from all PST files to single PST.

  1. Destination Location: The storage location for the newly created PST can be defined by the user.
  2. Advanced Options: This option enables the user to manage the PST files efficiently by removing duplicate contacts and deleted items from multiple files. If needed, the duplicate items and the deleted items can also be preserved while merging the multiple PST files.

I couldn’t find any serious cons in the merging tool and the pros weigh more. The PST Merge Tool values for its performance and the accuracy with which it works. Evaluating the performance, accuracy, etc I would like to rate 4.6 out of 5 to the Outlook merging tool.

The Verdict

Outlook PST Merge is a utilitarian for merging multiple PST files to single PST. The merging of Outlook contacts is one of the prominent features of PST merger. The tool can be easily handled by a technical expert as well as by others also. The user friendly interface assists the user in merging the PST files efficiently. I could say the investment on licensed version of Outlook PST Merge is worthy.

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