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Visual StudioVisual Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio has attained a great reputation from the past  few years as one of the excellent tools for development of graphical apps. It is equipped with a code editor which is commonly used for the purpose of software analysis. The code analysis option available in previous versions of Visual studio lacked some important features and there were others who often faced some problems because of the same. Some of these problems gave rise to the origination of strong barriers for the users when it came to using the code analysis tool. This created:

  • A wastage of time and efforts
  • Single error leads to rejection of the final outcome
  • Lack of accuracy
  • Coding integration problems

This lead to the migration of code analysis and Microsoft finally equipped Visual Studio 2012 with a code analysis tool which possessed key capabilities that were highly advanced than all it’s previous versions. A few of the capabilities are discussed below:

Efficiency of an analyzer in locating coding errors

The Code analysis tool available in the versions of Visual Studio was not able to locate coding errors properly. Though complex errors can simply be located through it, but it was not so efficient in locating the minor errors which created trouble for the user at the final stage. To make the analyzer efficient in finding such errors, VS 2012 has been equipped with a code analysis tool that can find coding errors without affecting the speed of parallel operations.

Capability to manage large sets of outcomes

Using the code analysis tool for managing outcomes larger in size was a difficult job. Users often faced a ton of warnings during the analysis of the strong code base. This could confuse the user regarding the necessary actions needed to be taken. On the other hand to overcome this issue Microsoft has loaded code analysis in VS 2012 with a fresh Window which is excellent in terms of managing final outcomes of the code analysis which were larger in size.

One can produce customized sets of authoritative principles now

VS 2012 has a code analyzer that now allows users to simply bring out a set of rules which are authorized and can be used for C ++ projects. There are some default principles and are further useful in making the analyzer more relevant than it was in the previous versions of Visual studio.

Better description of Code Path for the threat

Microsoft has made the code analysis to be more efficient in helping the users understand how issues can be located and corrected. The previous versions were only able to give a warning about the error and they were not able to highlight the exact location of the errors. It is now possible with code analysis of VS 2012. It is equipped with a feature named “Key Event” which automatically locates the errors.

In addition to above, the Visual studio 2012 has been equipped with a code analysis tool that automatically determines the code for a group of errors that are common and eliminate other barriers of error free programming practice. In the previous versions of Visual Studio, the code analysis tool was not able to locate patterns that could produce the desired results.

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