Document Management Software to Watch Out for In 2016


All organizations and businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient and organized. Document management software systems are quickly becoming the best solution as they assist in addressing this challenge while at the same time cutting down on cost and time.

Using document management system makes it easy to arrange, edit and distribute your necessary documents whenever there is a need. The use of these systems undoubtedly helps businesses to save time, resources, increase productivity, support remote staffing, reclaim office space, meet compliance requirements and deal with a myriad of business problems with ease.

Keeping up with electronic and paperwork files can be tedious for companies and document management software can help prevent this kind of a situation.

Your organization can use the document management systems as a framework for the better organization of all kinds of papers and documents for easier referencing. The software normally works harmoniously together with scanners to convert all your paperwork into digital files for paperless storage.

However, when looking for the best document management software, there is need to look at different features for guaranteed effectiveness. We will be discussing some of the document management software to watch out for in 2016 as you transform your office space into a paperless working environment.

Document Management Software to watch out for in 2016

Before discussing these systems, it will be prudent to look at some of the key features that reliable software should provide for efficient document management. These includes: –

  • Filling structure: – Filing makes it easier for you to find your documents fast when necessary. A good system should make your transition process to paperless operations by providing a filing structure that looks like a physical filing structure. This helps improve your filing consistency while at the same time giving the organization the ability to apply access rights with ease when dealing with certain documents.
  • Cloud-based: – This kind of document management software simply makes it easy for remote staff members to access the necessary documents from any location for smooth operations.
  • Collaboration: – It should be ease for authorized users to share and access documents from anywhere, be it in the office or on the road. This facilitates teamwork.
  • Disaster Recovery: – Data backup is an absolute necessity for any document management system. The backup should be in a remote facility for easier recovery in case of a disaster.
  • Compliance: – The software must be compliant with the set industry standards including audit tracking, document-retention policy, and user-access controls and reporting.
  • Customer user configurations: – Your preferences should be easier to accommodate in the document management software. This will help improve efficiency drastically during all your performances.

With this in mind, there are some amazing document management systems that you should watch out for in 2016 owing to their efficiency and reliability.

M-Files DMS 10

This software is rated highly when it comes to the ease of use plus it comes with a comprehensive list of features every business would be looking for. It consists of tools for document version tracking, user access management tools, and also enables for the integration of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

The document management software also has regulatory compliance features, can be accessed using a Smartphone to upload, edits and view documents.

eFileCabinet Desktop Professional

This system offers everything an organization would be looking for in order to enhance security and productivity. It has compliance features required in regulated industries including version tracking, document retention, security, and auditing. The DMS also has version-control software and workflow tools designed for scheduling and managing document access rights and workflows for enhanced corroboration among staff members while guaranteeing file-level security.

Other document management software to watch out for includes Pinpoint, Paper Port Pro, DocPoint Professional and File Center Pro among others. Each of these has unique features that will definitely make it easier for any business or organization to manage documents in a paperless environment.

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