5 VPN Softwares to hide your IP Address

5 VPN Softwares to hide your IP Address

While browsing the Internet, you might have come across many blocked websites for your country. In such a situation, most of us end up using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access such sites. VPN is the easiest and most accessible way to access such sites to enjoy some of your favorite music, TV series, videos, and other services not available for your country. But not all VPN applications are safe, as we send and receive data using the VPN’s private server instead of the one provided by our Internet service provider.

Using a trustworthy and reliable VPN application is of utmost importance as it can prevent the stealing or misuse of your data online.

To save you from the hassle of doing extensive research to find the best VPN application for yourself, we have curated a list of the top 5 VPN services you can use to hide your IP Address, without being at the risk of your data being misused or stolen. You can also refer to this article about router login to make adjustments to your IP addresses manually.

Here is our list of VPN services you can use to hide your IP Address and browse the net safely:

Surf Shark

Surf Shark is one of the most well designed and user-friendly VPN services available for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, macOS, Android OS, Windows, Linux OS, and Fire TV. The mobile application is straightforward to use, and the features on the form are easy to navigate as all the controls have the central location right when you open the app. Surf Shark has over 1700 servers in more than 63 countries, including countries like New Zealand, Norway, India, Australia, Brazil, and many more. The application has a strict no-log policy, which means that they don’t monitor or keep a log of anything the user does once connected to their VPN service. The feature that catches my eye is the Cleanweb feature, as it helps to prevent any malware or phishing attempts to get to the user, and also doesn’t let any of the ad trackers get any data from the users browsing activities. This application has many more features to it, such as Whitelister, Kill Switch, and many built-in libraries for a smoother experience. The use is known for one of the best encryption features, keeping your data secure. Another good thing about this VPN service is that one subscription can be used for as many devices as you want.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a security and privacy-focused VPN service available for Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android OS. This VPN service has many different plans suitable for the diverse needs of each user. Proton VPN is a Switzerland based company, and Switzerland is known for some of the most stringent regulations and practices in terms of data security, which is undoubtedly reflected by the service provided by Proton VPN. It has servers in over 44 countries, which is less compared to many other VPN service providers. But they cover the countries of Africa and South America, which aren’t covered by most of the VPN services available. The unique feature which Proton VPN provides is a unique encryption key for each of the sessions. This helps in enhanced security as if a hacker hacks into one of the user sessions, he or she cannot get access to all the other courses made by the user using the VPN. Proton VPN proved four different subscription options, including a free subscription option with limited features.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA is one of the best VPN services for Windows OS, with different plans available at affordable prices. It provides features similar to other top VPN services such as No log keeping, blocking ad trackers, and malware. We would recommend PIA to anyone looking to purchase an excellent and secure VPN service at low prices. It has over 3296 servers in 46 countries. Another exciting thing about PIA is that one can pay for their VPN service using the balance on their gift cards of different brands such as eBay, Bestbuy, and Starbucks.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is a Hong Kong-based company, which provides features similar to the top VPN services available. They also offer features like port forwarding and a dedicated IP feature, which are a nice add on to have. The good thing about Pure VPN is that once you go to the application, it has dedicated sections for what the user wants to do, making it user friendly and easy to use. Pure VPN provides good speed and support, making it a part of our top picks.


Cyber Ghost is another user-friendly VPN service with over 6500 servers in 90 countries. A unique payment option available for CyberGhost is that it can make payments using Bitcoin. The VPN service also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. The application has a 4-star rating on the Google play store and has a delighted and loyal customer base.

Choosing from a large number of VPN services available is a difficult task, and so we hope that this list curated by us has been of some help to you.

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