15 Best Spa & Salon Management Software

Spa Salon Management Software

Salon Management Software has changed the way modern salon centres are operated. Now, salon business owners use salon software to manage their appointments with the customers, process their requests for beauty services quickly, increase the business capabilities, and reduce the operational cost. The successful use of Spa Management software allows you to automate main business activities and boost the profit margins by leaps and bounds.

Just search Spa & Salon Management Software on the Internet. You get numerous results for the same instantly. Generally, it is extremely difficult for a common salon business owner to evaluate the features and functionalities of different salon software and choose the best one to enhance their business. So, we have reviewed and picked some excellent spa & salon management software. Just have a look.

Best Spa & Salon Management Software

1. Booker

Booker is a complete salon software for smart business owners who run small or medium scale salon centres. It comes with client management feature. You can book online appointments with clients from all locations and at any time. After a successful booking, the salon software automatically delivers Email and SMS notifications to both salon business owner and customer.

This helps in client management & allows you to conduct daily business operations smoothly. Comprehensive reporting and business tracking allows you to track progress in the business, point out obstacles, and make necessary improvements to get more customers. With Point-of-sale, vouchers, marketing and automated client messaging, staff management, personalised scoreboard, and a daily appointment list for staff, it helps to run the salon business professionally & boost the overall ROI.

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2. Zenoti

Zenoti is a cloud-based salon management software for spas, salons, med spas, yoga and fitness centres. You can use it to digitalise your business activities, expand its reach to a larger audience base, and sell more beauty services every day. It facilitates business automation and mobility. So, you become able to serve a large number of customers and increase profit margins.

Automated sales tracking, delivery of personalised messages to the customers, and integrated database of all customers at one place, etc, are facilitated by this salon management software. So, it becomes easier for you to beat the huge competition in the salon business & keep getting new customers by providing them with the requested beauty services at the right time.

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3. Shedul

Shedul is a salon business management software for all spas, resort spas, and salons. It offers numerous tools for task automation, website analytics, Email marketing, etc. With its help, you can book online appointments with customers and offer them your beauty services. It delivers text and email reminders to customers appointments, pending requests, and other important business activities. It comes with a POS system that helps in payment processing and manages all checkout transactions. Automated marketing, inventory tracking, and reporting help to operate a salon business smoothly and generate tangible income every day.

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4. TimeCenter

TimeCenter is a feature-rich business management software for professional massage therapists, hair salons, beauty & nail salons, spas, acupuncture, and tattoo parlours. With its help, you can book online appointments with customers, handle email and SMS engagements with customers via the fully automated marketing system, and keep a close eye on money movement, and catch wrongdoers in your company.

It offers a fully customizable online appointment panel. It makes it easier for you to schedule appointments with customers & help them avail services quickly. Based on your specific business needs, you can set up client reminders and newsletters. You can multiply your salon or spa business in a few days with the careful use of this excellent salon business management software.

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5. Rosy

Rosy is a multi-functional salon management software for all entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. It is based on cloud servers and collects data automatically. From time-to-time, it optimises data and allow business marketing professionals to communicate with customers with up-to-date facts and generate leads by offering them customized beauty services.

You can use to book online appointments with customers & process their orders quickly. Furthermore, connect this salon software with your company’s Facebook page and start selling your beauty services and products instantly. Automated alters keep customers informed about your beauty services & products. It comes with POS software which allows you to manage gift cards, cash drawers, and all other transactions.

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6. Optios

You can use this Salon management software to take your salon business to the word-wide-web, increase its reach to a wider audience, satisfy a large number of customers with on-demand beauty services, and generate sufficient income every day. You can operate this Salon software on all Internet-enabled devices and give a great push to your business. Automated reminders, GDPR approved marketing tools, data storage on cloud servers, different types of reporting, performance tracking, etc, are some features that make this software a more viable option than others.

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7. SimpleSpa

SimpleSpa is an ideal software to manage the spa business smoothly. You can use to handle expenses, discounts, payments, staff schedule, appointments, and customers. It comes with point of sale (POS) system, online booking buttons, and credit card processing capabilities. You can use it to automate almost all advertising activities aimed at the lead generation and selling different beauty services. It automatically sends text and Email notifications to customers about important activities of the salon business and helps them to make informed decisions easily. You can easily generate sales & service reports and supervise business activities with real-time analytics.

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8. Salonist software

Salonist software is an outstanding cloud-based salon management software for all those salon business owners who want to make this field a prime source of bread and butter. The software is packed with amazing features, allowing salon operators to run the business professionally. You can book online appointments with all clients using this salon software. Its clean interface, fast loading on all Internet-enabled devices, easy-to-view icons, etc, makes it different from other salon software available on the web.

It is helpful in inventory management, data storage and optimisation, cash management, performance tracking, creation of personalised marketing campaigns and discounts for a specific group of customers, etc.

Use this salon software to keep yourself informed about daily business activities, explore your best/worst KPIs, generate different types of reports, deliver automated messages to customers, etc. Salonist software acts as “business catalyst” for all start-up, resurgent, and established salon business organisations and helps them to take their businesses to the next level.

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9. ChiDesk

It is a perfect solution to run the salon business successfully. It allows you to manage your appointments with customers digitally. Book online appointments with them at any time and from any location on almost all Internet-enabled devices. You can record your daily sales and track stock easily. It also helps you in employee management. Assign tasks to your staff and see their performance on the screen in just one click. Automated delivery of Text and Email messages keep customers informed about all important business activities. So, they react to your business marketing campaigns accordingly.

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10. SuperSalon

SuperSalon is an amazing salon management software with which you can increase your ability to serve more customers and increase the overall footfall to the salon centre up to a great extent. It is a nice business management CRM software for all small, medium and large salon business owners. They use it to manage the client’s database on cloud servers, track the flow of money in the organisation, grow customer base with automated Email Marketing, streamline daily business operations, and protect your data easily. It also facilitates business mobility. So, you can use this salon software on different mobile devices.

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11. Baxus

It is an ideal spa and salon management solution for small and medium scale business owners. It allows you to book online appointments with customers, market beauty products and services, and create different types of reports to analyse business activities on different parameters. Apart from online appointments, you can easily view client history, increase repeat business from loyal customers, and maximize revenues with better tracking of money movements. The software is based on cloud servers and can be used on mobile devices. So, use this salon software to take your business to the next level.

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12. SalonBridge

SalonBridge is a nice salon management software with which you can boost your business productivity by automating different activities. With its help, you can book online appointments with clients/customers at any time and help them get the requested services. It automatically captures customer data, stores them on cloud servers, and helps in the delivery of personalised newsletters to interested subscribers.

With automated SMS delivery, sales reports, credit card processing, inbuilt POS, it facilitates the complete automation of the salon business and allows entrepreneurs to boost the profit margins by leaps and bounds. You can use this salon software to collect Feedback from customers & make the necessary improvements in your business.

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13. Salon Genius

Salon Genius is a clutter-free, fast, and easy-to-use salon management software for all salon business owners. With its careful use, you can digitalise your salon business, control it 24*7/365 days from all locations, boost the ROI. It allows you to book online appointments with customers, collect and manage important data on cloud servers, and manage employees. It is also helpful in stock control. Two-way SMS keeps both service providers & receivers informed about daily business activities. It gives error-free business reporting & allows you to analyse the effectiveness of daily activities and make necessary improvements to boost the outcome.

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14. Salon Blocs

With its help, you can automate almost all activities of your salon business & increase the profit margins by leaps and bounds. Managers and employees can use this salon business management software to perform scheduling tasks from all Internet-enabled devices. Automated appointment confirmations via text and Email reminders keep customers informed about their appointments with the survive provider and avail it easily. This salon software helps in business marketing and enables you to attract new clients, inspire return visits and trigger reappointments from loyal customers. It also comes with a simple dashboard to see all business activities and analyse sales performance. You can integrate it with Facebook and generate leads from there also.

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15. Stylie One

Stylie one is a true companion for all independent beauticians, barbers, and beauty experts. It acts as a (POS) solution and allows you to automate different business activities of the salon centre. You can focus your attention on the main activities, such as communication with clients, processing their service requests, and speedy delivery of the requested beauty services. It has numerous features (such as automated marketing campaigns, Email Marketing, inventory management, etc) that enable salon business owners to streamline their business activities and keep growing with each passing day.

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Final Words

Modern Salon and Spa management software act as a helping hand for growth craving salon centres. Salon business owners can use salon software to automate daily business activities, get better insights, boost productivity & increase profit margins. Choose your favourite salon software from this list to skyrocket the salon or spa business quickly in a few days.

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