5 Online Tools to Create an Infographic Presentation in Minutes

Online Infographic Tools

In order to circumvent existing market competition, companies need to bet on something different. This is how the infographic came about. The infographic, in addition to generating three times more engagement, even more, when it comes to shares, is one of the most important metrics used to increase organic reach with each new publication.

What is the infographic?

The infographic is a compilation of images and text to summarize content for the public and simplify information for easy viewing. Therefore, this information should be simple, succinct and benefit the reader with what is really important.

5 Online Tools to Create an Infographic & Increase Leads

To help create infographics which are popular on the internet every day, there are dozens of applications, websites and specialized programs in the infographic, which bring predefined templates for creating an infographic model soon. You can check out 5 sites that will help you develop and get your infographics out of paper.

1. Canva

Canva Infographic Presentation Tool

Canva is one of the premier websites for creating infographics worldwide. It offers a large number of infographics templates that you can edit and customize any way you want, convenient and easy. After creating your infographic, you can download your work in PDF, PNG, and JPG. The site is free, but also offers a paid option, which extends the tools offered. To make an infographic, you can go to and start editing.


Infogr am Infographic Presentation Tool

Infogram, the platform is very simple, free and effective for those who want to create an infographic. The interested person should log in to the site through social networks, choose a template and create the infographic composing images and information according to their needs. The infographic can be finished in a short time, with good quality to be used personally or professionally by the user.


Visual ly Infographic Presentation Tool

The is the tool with the most different proposition this post. You get in touch with the site, which has a giant team of thousands of designers, talk about your project and what you need. And they then respond on a budget according to the website, at an affordable price. It is possible to hire the creation of various content (video, infographics, ebooks, presentations, social media,etc.), and the great advantage is to have exclusive content, not made from pre-created templates.


Easel ly Infographic Presentation Tool is a tool that offers the most themes and options. With different themes available, you can modify the infographics suggestions according to your demand. You can just click and change all text and images, as well as upload your images or your company logo. Interestingly, everything can be customized, from text to background, through the file name and the objects inserted in the infographic. Everything fits your imagination. Once done, you can embed the infographic, share on social networks, or save to JPEG.

5. DesignCap

DesignCap Infographic Presentation Tool

DesignCap the platform which is also one of the most straightforward tools to edit infographics. The tool provided lots of ready-to-use and editable templates that allow all necessary editing. Colors, icons, images, text and graphics can be added and changed to your liking. All in all, the tool guides you through the entire process of creating the infographics, and its creation interface is all drag-and-drop, making the whole process even easier.

In conclusion

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are some other excellent tools you can try out online. You just research which one is the best for the result your company is looking for. But most important of all, the infographics can be the key to the internet user to understand what you want to explain about a particular subject. It definitely is important and should not be an overlooked aspect when you need to refine marketing tactics and improve your marketing strategy.

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