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Visual Watermark is a watermark software, which will help you to watermark more than 100 photos in 1 minute. It works latest windows OS and Mac. The watermark is the perfect way to copyright your photos fast & easy. With the help of Visual Watermark, you can protect all your photos in a minute.

Visual watermark lets you create your own watermarks by using text and graphics. It places very solid visible watermarks on your photos it set in watermark directly into the photo as if it were there originally.

Watermark multiple images simultaneously is a time saver. Identify the position of your watermark easily with a lot of options. You can control the watermark placement exactly even with photos of different sizes and even if they are located on different hard disks.

Salient Features of Visual Watermark software

Easy to install

Visual Watermark software is very easy to install. It is very natural, which lets you quickly start working with it. Installation is quite simple and easy to follow. You just have to download the setup file and install it the way you would install any other regular software.

Speed of Performance

Visual Watermark takes care of your time. It will save your time by several images watermarking at a minute. It takes just a minute for the whole process

Fully Customized

visual watermark software toolConsiderate your unique necessity, Visual Watermark makers included the option of adding watermarks that contain any kind of content or structure – whether it is your image, logo, brand name, copyright, or all of them combined, Visual Watermark will mark them all at once.

Visual Editor

visual watermark software tool 2With a unique and advanced visual editor, Visual Watermark software has made designing your own watermarks a matter of instant application. All you need to do is dragging the watermarking parts into its correct position and get the exact look you selected for your documents.

Resize & rename photos

visual watermark software tool 3Change size, position, and dullness up to your taste. Click Watermark button to protect your images when you’re happy with results. Just a minute for the whole process. Auto-resize tool solves inconsistencies with cropped and full-sized images in the same batch. Visual Watermark automatically adjusts the size of watermarks for cropped and images of different sizes in the same batch. You can leave file names unchanged or provide new names to prettify camera file names. You can leave file names unchanged or provide new names to decorate camera file names. You can control the watermark settlement surely even with photos of different sizes! No matter what they are: they can be landscape or portrait.

Free Trial Version is available!


Visual Watermark app runs on Windows and Mac. Visual Watermark places very strong visible watermarks on your photos. With a lot of options, you can specify the position of your watermark easily, even with photos of different sizes. You can watermark more than 100’s photos at a time. It is very fast and time saver. You can use your own custom fonts, logo, and text. Visual water never changes original files on your computer. Your originals are always safe and nobody can access your originals. Visual Watermark protects by collection so it makes the job much easier and convenient.

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