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Wrike Project Management Toola

Wrike is a private organization that provides a cloud-based project management tool for business of all sizes. It was founded in 2006 and is based in the Bay Area near San Francisco, California. The key benefits of Wrike’s tool include organizing all your projects, scheduling task and project timeline on the interactive Gantt chart, task creation via email, file sharing, and time tracking. There are many types of project management software: single-user, collaborative, integrative, web-based, and more. Wrike is a web-based integrative project management software tool that is most powerful for group collaboration but can also be used by individuals.

Key Features of Wrike Project Management Tool

Wrike is an extensive application for facilitating group tasks and collaborating on ideas to achieve common goals during a project. As a cloud-based tool, it operates on any system, as long as it has a browser and Internet capabilities — that includes mobile operating systems, with special apps for Android and iOS. Wrike works well to collaborate and share folders, files, emails, and other documents. Those who have long-term tasks will probably find Wrike to be incredibly helpful for managing work. It’s user-friendly, and it allows everyone to share new ideas and leave comments on existing ideas or projects. The software also has the Wrike Chrome extension you can download for the Chrome browser to quickly create new tasks when you’re on any website. Wrike offers many vital project management features that we didn’t find in other web-based project management software options.

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Key Task Management & Collaboration Features:

  • Create, assign, and schedule tasks
  • Discuss work with your team when you’re on the go via mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Adjust the project timeline with a few moves on the Gantt chart
  • Attach existing images and files to your project plan right from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box
  • Take new photos right from the task view to instantly attach them via your mobile device
  • Check your to-do list over your morning coffee
  • Stay up-to-date with custom notifications
  • Find the information you need, anytime, anywhere

How it Works

Wrike’s project management tool helps teams in three ways:

1. Communication

The collaboration features help teams communicate better; you can leave notes for teammates at any time of day or night and know your colleague will see it when they get online.

2. Collaboration

Wrike software is designed to facilitate collaborative work between users; you can edit tasks and documents together, leave feedback right in the task’s comment stream, and easily see what everyone is working on.

3. Coordination

Wrike brings the work of different divisions, sections, and departments together in one space to focus on big-picture organizational goals for smart, effective decision-making.

In each of these ways, Wrike task management contributes immensely to effective project completion. Further features include their project dashboards for tracking active work, project calendars, Gantt chart scheduling (project timeline), document management, and more. Wrike organizes and schedules all your work so your team can meet important deadlines and goals with fewer hiccups along the way.

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