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Comindware Tracker is a web-based business management solution that smoothly connects tasks, documents and people into a single collaborative work environment and empowers them with an easily configurable workflow tool. It is cloud-based, meaning you can access all of your data as long as you have an Internet connection. Comindware Tracker helps you to simplify normal office tasks and makes your basic business functions an easy, delightful experience. Comindware seeks to make workflow management easier, more efficient and generally less of a headache. It is a Software-as-a-Service program that assists you with business processes such as workflow automation, human resources management, office management, issue tracking, resource collaboration and advanced communication management.

Adaptive Business Process Management Software

It offers solutions for your business needs by industry, by specific business needs, and specific departments. There are tailored solutions for industries such as online education and e-Learning, health insurance claims management, financial asset management, government, and more. You also have solutions for departments such as sales, marketing, human resource, IT operations, and more.

Custom Graphical Workflow Builder

There are so many custom functions included in this awesome software. Comindware Tracker comes with a Graphical Workflow Builder that helps you design and re-design workflows instantaneously using its advanced view-drag-and-drop functionality. Also, there are plenty of workflow templates to choose from and customize to your preferred taste and needs.

Workflow Automation

You have the ability to create a series of tasks, with various tasks assigned to different people, and automate them. With Comindware Tracker you can:

  • Replace unproductive spreadsheet-based process with highly automated workflow software
  • Gain real-time visibility and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Optimize your processes and scale your daily operations
  • Increase your team productivity and boost collaboration

Human Resource Management

You also have features such as “issue tracking”. This aspect lets you keep track of issues raised by your clients, stakeholders, consultants, at every stage until it is fully handled. The HRM (human resource management) interface locate all your human resources in a central place, allowing you to easily do things such as schedule staff vacations, transfers, and even allows you to handle disciplinary issues and keep track of warnings and other reprimands.

Team Collaboration

It helps to get your team engaged in your daily work processes and ensure maximum productivity.

  • Discussion thread in every task
  • Possibility to share documents within a task and track their changes
  • Customizable notifications about changes of tasks (you can be alerted when your or your teammate’s task status is changed, some document shared, comment is added to task. What ever action can trigger notifications)

Comindware Tracker is also pre-integrated with MS Outlook and can be available through native mobile apps for iPhone and iPad – it allows to collaborate on-the-go.


Comindware Tracker is so rich with features, it is constantly ranked as the top workflow system, this sophisticated software is in a class of it’s own. It has never been easier to design a workflow diagram, that all users can access and update real-time. This streamlines business processes and makes sure everything runs smooth, making more time for the business and allowing other important things to be worked on. When it comes to workflow automation, it doesn’t get any better than this. Comindware, Inc. ( has won many industry awards, and once you try out their software you will see why!

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