4 Ways to Stay Aware of Security Best Practices in 2020


When business leaders speak about staying ahead of their competition in the modern era, they’re talking about finding and utilizing the right technological tools to boost their business. Of course, there are branding, marketing and other creative solutions and initiatives that help businesses thrive, but at base they’re supported by excellent tools and resources that are developed through software companies and research institutions, and released with increasing frequency across the world.

For your business to stay on top of just one of these basics — namely, cybersecurity — this article maps out how you can be aware of the best practices and cutting-edge security technologies in 2020 and beyond.

Review Magazines and Journals

One of the best ways to keep abreast of all of the developments taking place in the space of cybersecurity and protection, is by simply keeping tabs on the publications that discuss them. Whether this is on one of the major newspaper websites, or on more niche blogging websites that concentrate on the world of cybersecurity, you’ll be able to glean the latest news and the most attractive breakthroughs in real time when you follow these sources of information each and every week.

Attend Conferences

Next, you might wish to consider taking your IT team, and some important managers, away to cybersecurity meetings and conferences, which typically take place in large cities across the country. These can be structured as a whole-day affair, a short workshop, or a long weekend bonanza of speakers and instructors to help businesses get on top of cybersecurity requirements in the modern business era. In whichever case, you’ll be able to educate yourself and your team about what the industry is concerned about in 2020.

Look to Producers

There are some very well-known producers of cybersecurity out there on the Internet, and many of them are regarded as operating at the very cutting edge of the industry. If you pick a brand that you’re loyal to, like McAfee at, you’ll be able to consult directly with them regarding the security preferences and best practices that you ought to apply to your growing business. They’ll be able to offer you bespoke expert advice from the heart of the industry to help your business operate with the peace of mind that you’re fully secure in the digital economy.

Keynote Advice

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a short video presentation by an academic, a government official, a leading technology specialist, or a charismatic business leader to show you how to operate your security systems with the best practice. Indeed, these keynotes can often form the basis of successful revolutions within businesses, with advice gleaned from well-presented pitches. Use these resources on YouTube, or on other technology publishers, to help you understand what your company’s focus ought to be as you update your cybersecurity approach to stay ahead of new and developing threats in the 2020s.

Use the above four tips to define what your priorities should be in the world of cybersecurity as we head into a new decade.

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