3 Simple Photography Tips for Beginners to Blog & Promote Products


Would you like to start adding stunning photos to accompany the content that you publish on your blog? Or maybe there’s a product that you want to promote and you’d like to take some snaps that show it off?

Starting to snap photos for a blog can be a steep learning curve for the uninitiated, especially if their experience in photography is fairly sparse. The good news is that there are a few simple tips that can help you to start snapping better photos that look much more impressive:

1. Be aware of the light and its effect

Lighting can make or break a photo, and if it is good then your photo will look great whereas if it is bad it could look grainy and indistinct. It goes without saying that you should try to make sure there is plenty of light, but you should also observe where the light is coming from and how it affects elements in your photo.

When you first start out, try to snap photos in the presence of lots of soft light – and make sure the light source isn’t in the frame or overhead.

2. Try the rule of thirds on for size

The rule of thirds is a composition technique that will help you to position the subject slightly off-center and evenly space out elements. Using it is easy, and you just need to enable the grid feature on your camera then line up elements using the gridlines and intersection points.

By positioning the subject off-center and spacing out elements using the gridlines, you should be able to come up with photos that are more visually appealing.

3. Keep the camera steady and tap before you snap

One of the main problems beginners often have is they have difficulty keeping the camera steady, and as a result, their photos look slightly blurry and lacking in definition. To ensure that doesn’t happen in your case, try to practice holding your camera steady by using both hands and locking your elbows at your side.

On top of that, you should get into the habit of tapping the subject before snapping the photo. In most modern cameras this will ‘lock’ the focus on that subject, and the image should look clearer and more defined as a result.

While these 3 simple tips should help you to start snapping much better photos right off the bat – it helps if you also start to learn a bit about photo editing. Further, you will also be able to use color correction tools, crop, or even just level your photos could make a world of difference. As a starting point, you could try some popular photo editing software like makeup photo editor.

Be sure to make it a point to apply the tips listed above, and practice using them whenever you have some free time. The more practice and experience you’re able to get, the more impressive your photos will start to become.

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