3 Best VPN Tools for Safe and Secure Browsing

VPN Tools

VPN ToolsIn this article you will get to know about 3 of the best VPN tools that would assist you in having an absolutely safe and secure browsing all the time. Besides just their names, you will also get other details about them, hence allowing you to know them properly before you actually plan to get them:

IP Vanish:

IP Vanish is known to be one of the best and the most affordable VPN tool that allows you to get the safety and security you deserve just at the price of $10.00 a month! In $10.00 you will get unlimited usage of IP Vanish VPN service. The rates go even lower when you subscribe for quarterly or yearly packages which come at the price of $26.99 and $77.99 respectively.

When you choose to go with IP Vanish, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Access to multiple protocols including: Open VPN, PPTP & L2TP protocols.
  • VPN servers that are strategically places in 41 different countries (totaling more than 90).
  • IP Vanish has to offer you free server clients for both MAC and Windows.
  • IP Vanish works great with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Hide My Ass:

Hide my Ass is known to be one of the most popular IP changer, that not only allows its users to use its VPN services that are there to offer you more than 40k IP’s across more than 350 servers in more than 50 different countries. The price offered by Hide my Ass is surely perfect, however it is a little more than the price of IP Vanish, but as compared to the services provided they are charging it right. Besides that, they also offer you to use their service for free too, and to do that all you have to do is to browse over their website and enter the URL of blocked site you are willing to access.

Besides everything else, it is known to be one of the most user friendly VPN service providers, as it allows you to change your server location easily. Hide my ass is charging $11.52 per month and for half and full year they are charging $49.99 and $78.66 per year.

Express VPN:

This industry is surely getting saturated day by day, and the companies really need to entice the audience in order to make some good sales. In order to attract the audience, Express VPN is offering a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service. This 30 day money back guarantee surely gives an upper hand to Express VPN, as people who hesitate in risking their money in VPN services are surely motivated by this benefit offered by this VPN service provider.

Besides that, Express VPN supports operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux while when it comes to cellular technology, it also supports iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android too, and hence making it an all rounder services that just go right with any type of operating system or device.

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