Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to Load Faster

Website Needs to Load Faster

Website Needs to Load FasterThe majority of people who are looking for information on any particular subject these days will go online to find what they’re looking for. They’ll enter a few carefully selected words and phrases into a search engine, which usually tends to bring up hundreds of thousands of options from which they’re able to choose. Because there are so many websites that appear once these terms are entered, most people will only look at the first 3 or 4 pages. This makes it essential to use at least 3 or 4 of some the best SEO techniques so that people will be able to find your website when looking for what you have to offer.

And once people find your website you’re going to want them to enjoy their experience so they’ll be sure to return! In order to make sure this happens, you’re not only going to need to offer them all of the high-quality content they’re looking for, you’re going to want them to be able to find it without experiencing any problems. Essentially, you want your visitors to have a pleasant experience when visiting your website, and one of the most important things you can do to make this happen is to make sure that your website has a fast page loading time.

Why Your Website Needs to Load Faster

It’s important for a website to load fast. Because if it doesn’t, most people don’t have the patience to wait and instead will simply look for another website that can provide them with the information they need in a faster manner. Today’s world is now one where we’re used to getting our information very quickly, and when someone isn’t finding what they need in a timely manner then they’ll simply start to look elsewhere.

Because there’s quite a few reasons as to why a website isn’t loading as fast as it could, including routing signal issues, an improperly configured modem, spyware, a full memory cache and old computer issues, it’s often necessary to seek out professional assistance in order to correct the problem.

Top Reasons

The following are the top 5 reasons why you need your website to load faster:

1. A faster loading website now plays a factor when it comes to Google ranking your website.

2. The high majority of website visitors don’t have the patience to wait more than 7 to 10 seconds for a webpage to load.

3. A fast loading website has been shown to positively affect conversion rates.

4. A fast loading website promotes an air of professionalism.

5. A growing business will have access to scalable features that can help them expand without issue.

Speed Tests

One of the best ways you can test the speed of your internet connection is by performing a speed test. It’s a good idea to test your broadband speed so you can make sure that you’re indeed receiving the speeds you’re expecting from your internet provider. There are both Upload Speeds and Download Speeds, with both playing a major factor. Google even took the initiative to launch Google Fiber back in 2011 in an attempt to increase internet speeds, which is slowly but surely making an impact in the quest to make slow internet speeds a thing of the past.

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses a number of different servers that are located in a number of different areas, which allows users to have access to the fastest internet connection possible. Because the distance a user is from these servers makes a huge different in the amount of time it takes for their webpage to load, those who are closest are going to receive faster Internet services. MaxCDN is a Content Delivery Network that helps websites load faster. They currently support more systems than other CDNs and are ready to assist you so that you can experience faster load times. This way when someone new visits your website they can see all that you have to offer without experiencing any unwanted website loading problems.

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