Top 5 Tricks To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog


Blog-Traffic SEOWith a plethora of different blogs now active on the Internet, it is vital your blog receives as much traffic as possible to make it stand out from the masses. Here are five steps you can follow to generate more online traffic towards your blog and thus increase your online status.

1. Have a Google Business Page

One of the most effective ways to promote your blog is to create your own Google+ business page. Your business page can provide a springboard upon which to market your blog. You can customize your business page with vivid and engaging designs, to captivate users and generate vital consumer interest. You can also utilize Google+ to share your blog with various circles, targeting and participating in discussions which are relevant to your blog. This will gain you information about your target market as well as promoting your blog directly to them.

2. Sign up for Google Authorship

Google Authorship is an excellent way to increase the online influence of your blog. It permits a visual link to your blog posts in searches, thereby presenting your posts as more trustworthy and interesting. Utilising Google Authorship allows your target market to associate a profile image with all of your posts, thus establishing your posts as reputable and professional, and thereby increasing traffic to your blog.

3. Add a Link to your Blog Within your Email Signature

Whenever you send an email you are communicating with a prospective follower of your blog. Simply attach a link within your email signature to your blog and this will invite anyone you contact to read your blog. This lucrative process isn’t limited solely to blog promoters. Any major company, from motoring moguls such as Mazda, to online marketing sites such as Amazon, capitalize upon this simple yet highly effective measure. By including a link within their emails to their sites, users are intrigued to click on the link and thus their sites generate even more online traffic.

4. Create a Facebook Business Page for your Blog

If your blog has a Facebook business page, then there are numerous methods you can use to promote it and therefore improve its online presence. One of these methods is to create a custom URL for your Facebook page. This will easily direct people to your page and raise your ranking on sites such as Google. To do this, select a ‘Username’ for your page. You will have the option to assign a username for your personal profile as well as usernames for your Facebook pages. Aim to use a simple, memorable name that is similar to your website name for branding promotion purposes.

5. Co-ordinate all of your Social Networking Sites

Online social networking can be crucial to the success of your blog. Link all of your social networking sites to your blog page; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even image based sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. By uniting all of your various social networking followers, you can generate a great deal of online traffic towards your blog, thus massively increasing online awareness to, and subsequent interest in, your blog.

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