Tools To Create A Social Media Buzz At Events

Social Media Buzz At Events

To make an event successful, it is essential to guarantee high engagement and attendee participation by spreading the news about it in advance and inviting people who can share their own insight and offer great discussions to everyone involved.

Getting this done can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. While technology has made it easy to reach and engage your targeted audience before, during, and after the show, there is still a lot of noise to shuffle through.

To make things easier on your part, here is a sorted list of tools you can use to get a big showing and people buzzing at your next event:

Email Software

This tool allows you to capture emails to grow your audience across all your events. Emails can be used to share publicity about the event, and in addition to letting attendees subscribe to events at the time of purchase, they can also subscribe to their content of interest. This allows you to improve the event content according to specific audiences.

Also, you can offer a free raffle at the door and winners can be contacted via email. Another thing you can do is contact participants from the pre-event and remind them to purchase tickets before they run out. Email subscription boxes can be integrated within landing pages to streamline the process. Software like MailChimp will allow you to get the most out of such features.

Data-Driven Mobile App

DoubleDutch and other data-driven apps can be used to facilitate both in-person and digital networking within the event app. People attending the event can connect with others based on their work, interests, job titles, and more. When attendees connect directly with each other, the event becomes valuable; such apps will allow exclusive conversations to take place.

Moreover, keynote speakers may not have enough time to answer every questions, or attendees may want to ask some questions about what they learn. These apps will allow attendees to reach event speakers or share their opinions with other attendees through likes and comments in the activity feed of a session or an event.

Livestream Tools

Livestreaming is becoming comment, and streaming your event is a great way to create a social media buzz. Ustream and other livestreaming services like serve a greater purpose than just video feeds. They can be used for functions such as interview keynote speakers to create excitement.

Features for chatting that utilize Facebook and Twitter can be used to send the content to audience networks. Make sure all such event promotions include some prominent hashtags to encourage people to tune in to the live stream. You can also suggest topics to speakers that might help them to gauge the interest of audience better.

Content sharing tools

Foursquare can be used to encourage attendees to check-in at the event location and event organizers ca use the tool to reward attendees with special offers, discounts and other incentives. Not only people can see which booths are possible, but you can also encourage them to visit locations they might otherwise have ignored.

Likewise, you can create an official Flickr page for your event and use small incentives to encourage attendees to share their own images, and that way you can create a great unofficial portfolio of the event.

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