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Social Media Buzz At Events

Tools To Create A Social Media Buzz At Events

To make an event successful, it is essential to guarantee high engagement and attendee participation by spreading the news about it in advance and inviting people who can share their own insight and offer great discussions to everyone involved. Getting...

Social Media Management Apps

5 KILLER Social Media Management Apps

Social Media has now truly embraced everywhere. It’s impossible to use social communication tools without seeing companies advertising their Groupon deals on Twitter, posting images from their latest company event or expo on Facebook, or hammering their LinkedIn groups with...


4 Keys to Building a Social Media Community

Most social media sites are free, and because of that, it can be really easy to use them wrong. Companies or individuals promoting their websites and blogs can get overly eager to dive in, and before they know it, they...


Promoting Your Business Using LinkedIn.com

There are so many social media networks available as a means of promoting your business online, so how do you choose? The main factors that you should consider when determining the best social media tools are; type of business, clientele,...