Why Is WordPress The right option To Build websites for Startup Company?

12 Reasons To Choose WordPress CMS for Startup Company


Before we jump on the question – “Why WordPress?”, let us first discuss “What is WordPress?”

Well, to define, WordPress is a content management system. It allows you to modify the presence of the website, without the requirement of coding for it.

WordPress lets you create and publish your content on the web. It is mostly used for posting on the internet; however, you can also use it to manage the content on the intranet or a single computer.

WordPress is a CMS available with a range of themes and features that a blogger or an author would love to use. Speaking to which, we get the stats saying that WordPress comprises 60.2% share of the total global CMS market.

In today’s time, if you are about to start-up your own business, you need a website for your business as everything has gone digital; so does your business need to go as well.

There are things that you need to keep in mind while designing the business website. Your website should be:

  • Easy manageable
  • Cost-effective
  • Integrating well with the search engines and for social marketing
  • Having proper navigation, organized content, and calls-to-action
  • Using a scalable hosting provider
  • Good looking

WordPress is advisable to use as a CMS for your site if you are a start-up company; but what are the reasons for that?

There are many other CMS to help with the design, templates or themes but why WordPress?

We have legit answers to these questions; the features of WordPress being the answers themselves.

So, here we start the trail of the listing down the features of WordPress which will prove that it is exactly the correct option to build the website for a Startup company.

1. Don’t Know Code? It’s okay!

In old times, we used to hear that you need to know how to code to build a website, but that is the past now.

WordPress has been designed as a user-friendly software and some free and premium custom page builder plugins such as Elementor, Divi which will support you to create a well-functioning website without much knowledge of coding.

It is quite simple to learn how to build WordPress Website through many tutorials and articles.

Be it a start-up or a large scale company; they can themselves update, edit or modify their site’s content easily without taking much assistance from any of the WordPress development companies.

2. Customization allowed

Being a start-up, it seems like a pinch to your pocket when you feel the need to hire a Web Design Agency to make the customization to your business website.

However, with a WordPress website developed for your business, it no more is a pain to customize your site as per your business requirement.

There are several plugins available in the WordPress library itself to assist your website with any functionality you want it to perform.

3. WordPress Support is just WOW!

You might be thinking about what is so lovely about the support. Well, let me tell you, WordPress Community is always there alive to your call.

The community is eager to help any of the newcomers to develop or learn about the CMS.

If you are puzzled about the Custom WordPress Development for your business website or want to hire a WordPress development company but don’t know anything, they are there to answer your questions.

4. Handles almost everything

WordPress is a platform which handles multiple data types for your website.

It supports features like blogs, pages, media, and comments.

You can also get the Custom Post Types created depending on your niches.


The name of the feature itself asks you to take some Rest (just kidding.)

REST API helps get the flexibility of features in WordPress.

It allows you to go live on the web giving your website even more power.

The API exposes the WordPress data and makes it open for WordPress Development Services to use it in various contexts; making WordPress a headless CMS.

6. It’s Reliable

WordPress is a tested open-source platform supported by a community of thousands of professional developers and testers.

It is leading in the CMS market on the internet at present and has been worked on around for over ten years building millions of websites and designs.

That’s not just it, WordPress relies on robust technologies like PHP, Javascript, and SQL following the implementations set by Google and other search engines which brings it to its next feature.

7. It is SEO ready

WordPress is built up of the features those attract the Search Engines, and it takes better care of the SEO.

Furthermore, there are several plugins in the WordPress that help you get the optimization correct. One of the best plugins is WordPress SEO, which is trusted by more than 5+ million people.

However, you must be aware that it is not only the CMS that impact on your SEO rankings and be considerate to focus on other aspects as well.

If you are not sure as a Start-up what all settings could be made in your WordPress website to get the SEO right, you can find out a WordPress expert to assist you with that and make you work on your SEO to get the highest ranking in your niche.

8. It is Free

Say it or not, but everyone loves the things that come for free and especially for a start-up it can be no less than a boon if he or she gets a resource for free.

However, why would a leading resource like WordPress be free? Here, the catch is simple.

It is free because no one owns it, it is an open source software. It has got the GNU General Public Licence which makes it available to people to use for free and build any number of websites they want to make.

Along with the software, you get free themes, as well as over 50 thousand plugins available in its directory.

However, it is essential to understand that WordPress as software is free but running a website includes other costs as well such as getting a domain name and hosting and some of the optional customizations.

9. No Subscription Compulsion

A start-up as understood will be unsure of the technologies and the software needed to build the website and would, of course, be unwilling to invest in the technology that they are not entirely aware of.

Many software services come with a Subscription period and cost which is a compulsion to purchase if you want to use.

So when you feel that you would require to move to another platform, it becomes difficult to because of the subscription contract.

Fortunately, WordPress brings some ease at this point as there is no such compulsion with its installation.

Your data is secured and is in your rights on the self-hosted WordPress install.

So when you feel like migrating to another platform, you can choose that at any point of the time with a website built in WordPress with all your data unharmed.

Besides, you can look out for some WordPress Developers for hire to accomplish this task for your business at any point in time.

10. Master Player at eCommerce

So what if you are a beginner, you can still play a master move in eCommerce with the help of WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin.

If you want to develop an online eCommerce store, you will be happy to know that there are hundreds of free, also premium extensions to help your store grow.

Having a WooCommerce store will quickly help you get started with selling the products or services.

11. Mobile-Friendly

Now and then, we read out the articles saying that the number of mobile users has crossed the number of desktop users.

In such a crucial time, it is vital for your business website to be able to perform well on the mobile as well.

Besides, you must know, that Google doesn’t spare the websites those don’t sit well on the mobile phones.

But don’t you worry, with WordPress you get the technology that is compatible to develop mobile-friendly websites.

It also has the number of themes and plugins that adjust themselves as per the size of the device’s screen.

Moreover, if you have not found any suitable theme that makes your website more responsive, you always hire a WordPress Custom theme Development Company to help you with the desired theme developed for your site.

12. It is Secure

For a start-up business, it becomes quite challenging to run ahead in every direction.

You have a website built; but to check if it is continuously secured, you need to apply strong measures on those parameters.

You may think that it can become another scratch on your pocket but to maintain an efficient business running you need to stay updated with the security aspects as well.

Here, WordPress comes as a savior for you. Although, we know that no platform is completely safe but with WordPress you are comparatively safe.

It is possible because there is a team constantly monitoring the security and all the parameters of WordPress against all the threats.

Its broad community is also active while reporting any coming or noticed security issues.

Security updates are often released, and there’s more to it, many minor updates work by themselves on the software to keep it secured. Additionally, you can check some free WordPress security plugins.


More or less, there are a lot more things which shine out when we talk about WordPress as a CMS.

In a nutshell, it is quite fruitful for the startup businesses to create a website using WordPress.

Although, it is quite easy to learn WordPress when running and starting a business you have several other things which you need to look after and might not get assistance with.

However, if you are thinking of developing a WordPress website customized with business specifications, you can find a WordPress development company which suits you and your business the best.

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