Why WordPress is the Tool of Choice for Powering the Internet


WordPress launched in 2003 as a simple-to-use blogging platform, designed to empower a generation of writers looking to capitalize on the growing Internet marketplace. WordPress has since grown into one of the most powerful software tools available for building and administering a website.

It seems that many reputable hosting companies think the same according to the detailed study of the best WordPress hosting. It shows that many of the most trustworthy names in the industry offer highly competitive packages, optimized specifically for WordPress. No surprise, as this CMS powers over 28% of the entire Internet and is used by nearly 50% of the world’s top 1 million sites.

With such massive market penetration and adoption, many wonder what makes WordPress so popular and why it simply and easily dwarfs all competitors.

The simple answer is that WordPress is an easy-to-use, trusted and the highly customizable tool that makes setting up and administration of a site pleasant and straightforward.

Here are the detailed reasons what makes it the tool of choice for millions of sites worldwide.

Easy & Cost Effective To Start & Operate

For many people who are looking to start or launch a website, the prospect of hiring a development team and paying for a custom coded site is not affordable.

WordPress is open source and free to use. Though some still opt to hire a WordPress developer, many sites can be set up with very little technical expertise or coding experience. This makes WordPress a great tool for those looking for a cost-effective way of entering the online marketplace.

WordPress has various themes and templates to shape up any kind of website. There are thousands of free themes to choose from, while the average cost of a paid WordPress theme is only $57.54. This is a relatively low price point for a website that can potentially last a lifetime.

Extremely Customizable

WordPress is highly customizable through the constantly expanding library of plugins; more than 52,000 are already available to make a website do just about anything.

From e-commerce solutions to spam catchers, WordPress plugins add any function you can imagine.

Additionally, in the rare event, a plugin for something specific is not available, a WordPress developer can create a custom plugin for you.

Plugins are easy to install and can make sales, the collection of leads and sharing of content through social media very straightforward.

Tutorials and Guides

Thanks to its heavy adoption by the internet community, there are millions of tutorials and guides on how to go about setting up your WordPress site.

Everything from how to install a theme to improving loading speed with plugins like Jetpack can be learned online through a plethora of guides, tutorials, video and detailed documentation on WordPress use and administration.

This means that a user who isn’t necessarily tech savvy has countless opportunities to learn and understand, absorbing knowledge in the most convenient format.

Updates & Security

WordPress is constantly upgrading and updating with general improvements of the core code and better built-in security. With over 32 versions of WordPress already launched and updates coming out every 42 days on average, WordPress is improving constantly.

Furthermore, with such constant updates, security flaws are patched quickly, avoiding any long-term disruptions or security breaches.

Brand Collaborations

With the heavy market, adoption comes ease of collaboration. As many of the top sites around the global network are all using WordPress, collaborating and cross-branding is simple and easy to implement. WordPress allows for cross-posting and sharing RSS feeds from affiliates, allowing businesses to team up and serve similar niches of customers easily.

Celebrities, governments, institutions, and businesses from every sector use WordPress to power their sites and online platforms. From eBay to IBM, WordPress is not just used by small companies but by some of the internet’s most valuable brands.

With its easy to implement, easy to administer, cost-effectiveness and customizations, WordPress is the tool of choice for powering the internet and sites just like yours.

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