Windows 8, Sensational New Features

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 FeaturesMicrosoft’s new windows 8 is a promising operating system that has come up with an innovative and eye catching user interface and improved security. Windows 8 have metro UI look which is actually replacing classic start menu.

Microsoft is a brand that needs no introductions has always been pioneer of the market. Microsoft has been very much focused and has targeted main stream audience that is the reason why every home has windows based PC.

Microsoft is a brand and a product at a same time. They have always taken care of user friendly environment in their entire products which means that the users will never face any difficulty in operating a system even if he is not that much computer literate.

Windows products include personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.Usually Windows operating system has always been onto the records. After the success of very famous windows 7 OS MS launched their best work until now and that is “windows 8” Let’s have a look what’s new in it.

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 was designed to run on tablets basically but it is available on PC’s and laptops. At first it might not look like your tradition windows OS but its features will surely charm you.

1. Desktop UI

Windows 8 is in the conversations about Metro UI (Tiles) which will appear on pressing windows button and UI will contain all the apps. It has the desktop like previous version of windows slight but noticeable change is absence of “start menu”. This metro UI is designed for tablets especially where you can use and download apps easily.

2. Search

Now, since there is no start menu then you guys must be wondering how to search you application? And the answer is new improved search box at right hand side which will get your desired apps in alphabetical order.

3. Jump List

Windows 8 provides you jump list at left hand corner which will track a record of your most recent and used applications. This will help you to access your most viewed apps directly from this list.

4. Snap Multi-Tasking

Well multitasking is not new to windows. In windows 8 you can run two metro programs at a same time side by side.

5. Security

New window is very much secure and advance. Its latest SmartScreen feature means any program or application which are not numerically contracted by their inventors bring up cautioning messages and are banned from running.

Customizing your Desktop:

How to customize your desktop? This question might be appearing into your head but here are the points;

In previous versions of windows you were provided with glass effect in desktop that provide translucency but in windows 8 it’s gone because of battery concern and opaque has taken its place. You can customize desktop and can change the colour of the new opaque Explorer windows boundaries. You may even save mixtures of these customizations.

Customize Item Size

Furthermore you may also customize your desktop by adjusting the size of the item according to you screen and resolution.

Synchronous you’re Windows

It is always advisable to synchronous your windows with other accounts like Hotmail, outlook and sky drive by signing in with windows id.

Now with all these great benefits you can run your latest windows effectively and time to time can also up grade it or take some support assistance for windows.

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