What is the Best Call Center Software?

Best Call Center Software

The increasing prevalence of digitization has forced many businesses to invest in newer, more efficient software. In fact, spending on artificial intelligence (AI) has increased exponentially over recent years. According to a recent survey, 60 percent of C-level executives plan to spend 50 percent more on AI than last year.

Investing in the right software is especially important for call centers. In order to meet growing customer demands, call centers must offer user-friendly methods of communication across multiple channels. So, what is the best software to invest in and what can the right software do for your call center?

Microsoft Call Center Software

Over the years, customer expectations have significantly changed. Today, customers expect the ability to personalize their service experience by interacting with a business on the channel of their choice. Whether it be through SMS, voice calls, or online messaging, customers demand easy-to-use methods of communication.

Bright Pattern’s omni-channel communication software features full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling agents to easily navigate the data available on Dynamics 365. In turn, customers receive personalized experiences and their interactions are presented in context across multiple channels. Since less than 12 percent of companies currently offer omnichannel customer service options, investing in omnichannel communication software is a great way to gain an edge over competitors.

Microsoft call center software allows seamless navigation between multiple channels of communication while delivering data from Dynamics 365. Offering a personalized experience is guaranteed to boost customer satisfaction levels while driving in new customers. In addition, integration with Dynamics 365 enables agents to work more productively while providing exceptional customer service.

Interactive Voice Response Systems

Interactive voice response systems, or IVRs, use dual-tone-multi-frequency tones (DTMFs) on the phone keypad to automatically route customers. IVRs help customers avoid wait times, as customers are not added to a lengthy queue. Instead, IVRs use information gathered from keypad responses to route customers to the agents best suited to resolve their issues. IVRs also eliminate the need for agents to manually route customers or take monotonous calls.

Customer satisfaction reports have shown that customers want more independence, but avoid self-service options that undermine customer support. IVR enables your call center to provide more self-service options for customers using AI next-gen Language Processing. By utilizing previous interaction histories, customer experiences are further personalized, and customers won’t have to repeat the same issue to multiple agents.

Quality control is another important element in any business. IVRs feature tools for tracking agent performance, average call times, and customer satisfaction levels. In addition, Bright Pattern’s software offers training and coaching to ensure consistency in knowledge and replies across all levels of your call center.

Cloud-based Communications

In recent years, moving to the cloud has become safer and more business-friendly. More and more businesses are choosing to move to the cloud to avoid investing in volatile technology and devote more attention to core competencies. For call centers, cloud-based software offers an easy way to stay up-to-date, and enables integrations with other cloud-based platforms.

Investing in the cloud-based software can also provide your call center with useful tools for user management and tenant individual functionality. Cloud-based software is also making it possible for call centers to build remote workforces and reduce overhead costs. Hiring remote agents allows you to hire beyond a defined geographic location, so you’ll be able to choose the best agents for your call center regardless of where they’re located. In addition, hiring remotely allows you to offer flexibility in scheduling and reducing in-house staff.

In the digital age, creating a personalized customer experience and increasing agent productivity can make all the difference. As a result, investing in the right software can contribute to the overall success and growth of your call center.

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