7 Best Windows 8 Apps Available Today


Among many interesting features of Windows 8, Windows Store is the most important one as it provides a number of easily installable apps including multimedia, games, productivity, tools etc. that can help you in enhancing the performance of your PC. Some of the best Windows 8 apps available these days are given in this article to help you in choosing a suitable app for your Windows 8 based system.

Reversi Free:

reVersi Free Windows 8 AppThis easy to use and simple app has potential to entertain you for long as it has the fun version of Othello, a classic strategy game. This game can be played in three difficulty levels. People, after being skilled in Reversi, usually find playing AI against computer easy and boring. So you can opt for a human opponent to give a interesting turn to this game. The look and sound of pencil drawn interface of the game make it more appealing to the users.

Metro Commander:

Metro Commander Windows 8 AppThis Windows 8 app allows you to fill the gaps left by Microsoft like file manager for start screen etc. After installing Metro Commander you can provide a dual-pane interface on your files and folders so that you can easily access to all the core functions like Rename, View, More, Copy, New File, New Folder and so on. You can add simple and more touch-friendly features to your powerful explorer through this app.

musiXmatch Lyrics:

musiXmatch Lyrics Windows 8 AppAfter being freely available for your Windows 8 PC this app helps you to keep your PC linked with your other devices like Android device or iPhone or iPad where you have been using it till now. You can also locate the music and lyrics of your choice with the help of the database of this app, even if you are new to it, as it has millions of them. You can also watch videos through YouTube or browse for latest hit songs through this app, if you are still feeling bored.

Multimedia 8:

Multimedia 8 Windows 8 AppMultimedia 8 can prove to be one of the best Windows 8 apps available to replace Windows Media Center if you are still longing for it. You can easily browse on the music, video and playlists of your choice with a simple touch or click on the web server. Support to 3D video, creation of playlists, ability to convert videos to WMV or MP3, streaming of DLNA media streaming, capturing video and audio etc. are some of the other features provided by this app.

TuneIn Radio:

TuneIn Radio Windows 8 AppThis Windows 8 app allows you to be really entertained through its huge internet radio database as you can get something of your interest there. A long list of choices ranging from sport, music, comedy, news, country, language, chat along with your local radio station can be got through this app. You can maintain a list of your favorite radio stations through this app to be used in future.

Norton Satellite:

Norton Satellite Windows 8 AppThough access to any social networking site is easy with Windows but this app provides you the real-time security by scanning your files and links shared through these sites. It alerts you about the threats of infections in advance before they occur to your PC. But it does not provide safety from various viruses as it only provides an additional layer of protection to your PC.

Fractal Photographer:

Fractal Photographer Windows 8 AppThis one of the best Windows 8 apps available allows you to rotate or zoom in the pictures taken through your system to give them an unlimited gorgeousness in fractal patterns with some simple clicks only. Multiple color schemes can also be used with this app to create new effects on the images. You can also bookmark a particular point or save HD version of the patterns liked by you through it’s save option for sharing with others or future use.

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