8 New Features in Windows Blue – What Has Changed?

Windows Blue

Windows BlueWindows Blue is a new upgrade for Windows 8 that sets out to make a number of improvements as well as fix several different bugs that have been already found in the new operating system. This new upgrade will have several different user interface changes, cloud storage integration as well as some brand-new applications that users can enjoy on their Windows computers. Over this article we will look into some of the features that Windows Blue has to offer and let you in on the changes that Microsoft has made since Windows 8 has been released.

Windows Blue release

There have been several leaked versions of Windows Blue that have come out already. Most of these leaked versions are for developers and these are by no way any type of completed version of Windows Blue. This slated release for Windows Blue is sometime late this summer. Many people are still interested in looking through the developer builds of Windows Blue and have been experimenting with the new features of the operating system.

New features in Windows Blue

1. UI Changes:

Windows 8 doesn’t really offer a lot of customization options for UI. You can fiddle with some stuff but overall the in-depth control panel settings that allow you to adjust things like, default programs, in-depth desktop settings, touchscreen controls and more can all be done using the new control panel options. With Windows Blue users can make in-depth UI changes including changing the resolutions of your default apps, fine-tuning your network and including SkyDrive options for some of your computer storage.

2. SkyDrive Integration:

A new SkyDrive app will be available in Windows Blue. For people who trust SkyDrive to regularly save files to the cloud, this new SkyDrive app will make it much easier to connect the cloud to your desktop PC. Windows Blue will make it easy for you to instantly sync to your SkyDrive so that you could store files on a SkyDrive just the same way that you would a physical hard drive. The features available in this application will make cloud storage easier than ever before.

3. Changing the Snap Feature:

Currently you can snap applications on either side of a Windows 8 screen, unfortunately the way that Windows 8 is configured currently one app will take up 75% of the screen while the other app is forced to take on just 25% of the screen. Windows Blue will now allow for 50-50 app snapping meaning that you can experience your apps in a double screen feature.

4. New Apps Available:

Windows 8 only came with a few applications standard. The Windows Blue update allows users to use several new applications that have been developed by Windows. With the alarm application, in-depth calculator, movie editing studio and sound recorder users will have brand-new applications that they can experiment with on the Windows Blue platform.

5. In-depth Screenshot Sharing:

sharing a screenshot when you are in a application can be quite difficult. Windows Blue has created a special share option for applications which are very similar to that on an android phone. If you ever want to share data from the wind is a applications that you are using, you can pause and share the application instantly.

6. Fixing The Tile Shifting Bug:

Moving tiles on the start screen has been a real struggle for some people using the first version of Windows 8. The Windows Blue update changes the gesture controls especially when it comes to tiles so that they can function much more normally. With a customized teacher for your Windows tiles you can change up your start screen and also move the tiles only to have them locked once again. Instead of constantly losing applications or fighting with accident tile shifting the customize feature is a welcome change in Windows Blue.

7. New version of Internet Explorer:

Of course with a major update to the operating system Microsoft would roll out a brand-new version of Internet Explorer to match. The new version of Internet Explorer sets to have a much more intelligent SkyDrive integration as well as the ability to sync tabs amongst multiple devices. Many new improvements are sure to follow with the new version of Internet Explorer.

The Bottom Line

It will be interesting to see just how the final version of Windows Blue turns out. Upgrading your existing Windows 8 operating system should be fairly simple when the release is confirmed. By going onto the Microsoft website or upgrading through your control panel you should be able to explore all of these features when the final release does come out. We will keep you updated further as new developments arise relating to Windows Blue.

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