Protect your Computer with Internet Security Test

Protect your Computer

Protect your Computer The Internet security test tries to prevent unauthorized access, damage or modification to your system through Internet viruses. In today’s world, as computer crimes have increased so much, it has become mandatory to safeguard your computer from these threats.

There are many Internet security tests available so as to check whether Windows is affected by a potential threat or not.  It is essential that you run these tests at periodic intervals to check system vulnerability to new threats. The tests check the susceptibility of Windows to dangers from Internet. The test may include Browser test, Stealth test and Trojans test depending upon the types of security you want for the Windows. The tests are easy to perform and usually depend on the speed of the internet connection. Some of the tests may take longer in which case you can schedule the tests to run in the background. The results of the test are delivered very fast and in a simple, easy to understand manner. Sometimes it hardly takes 3 minutes to know the results of the tests.


  1. To prevent your computer from internet related threats
  2. To minimize internet related security risks
  3. To make a good firewall for your pc

Often, the attack occurs when a threat is introduced against the exposure of the internet. An internet security test can protect the computer from further harms. The test does miracles. It not only neutralizes the threats but also controls the vulnerabilities of the computer.

Typical Dangers to Computer through Internet

  1. Computer viruses
  2. Hacking
  3. Stealing passwords
  4. DoS attacks
  5. Identity Theft

Some of the Internet Security tests are as follows:

Internet Speed Test

This test accurately measures the speed of your internet connection. It helps you to know how fast your internet connection is. This information can be used in performing other tests.

Quick Test

Quick test is taken to get rid of various dangerous threats that make your computer vulnerable to threats from the internet. The Advanced Port Scanner, Browser and Trojan Tests are combined together in this test.  It shows the recommendation report along with some instructions for improving your computer against the risks. Do note that you may require a more detailed test for more information but a quick test should be effective enough to address most, if not all, the issues listed.

Stealth Test

Stealth Test determines whether others can see your system online or not, from checking your ports to analyzing advanced networking settings.

Browser Test

Hiding personal information is one of the toughest things to do in this world of hackers. The safety of your personal information can be checked with Browser Test. Just like Quick Test, you will receive a recommendation report with instructions and can hide your private information successfully.

Trojan Test

Trojan may be a sound like the name of a horse but it roars like a lion and kills like anaconda. Without any doubt, it is the most dangerous threat in the internet and the Trojan Test is done to remove Trojan Virus from your PC.

Uses of Internet Security Tests

  • The Internet security test protects the operating system from viruses that may attack a computer system and render it useless for other purposes.
  • Any privately installed software can be eradicated with the help of an Internet security test.
  • Internet security tests prohibit some of the online services that may contain malicious software which can bring harm to your operating system.
  • The tests also check the sensitivity of user information, which the hackers may look into, and keep them secured.
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