WordPress VS ExpressionEngine – Pick The Right CMS For Your Website

Wordpress VS ExpressionEngineWordpress VS ExpressionEngine

Nowadays you would find countless articles over the internet which talk about popular content management systems like WordPress and ExpressionEngine and their uses, but in this blog, I am going to throw some light on which one is actually more useful or advantageous for you as a user or developer.

Multiple CMS options make it difficult for you to select the right one!

These days as a user or developer you are bombarded with multiple options when it comes to selecting a content management system for your business and that actually confuses you a lot. In other words, when you are surrounded by multiple options, choosing a right content management system can really become one of the most difficult tasks for you, no matter how much you know about them.

After doing a certain amount of research on them over the internet, you would find that every content management system has its own advantages and disadvantages. And hence you should look into your priorities before selecting a right CMS, that can fulfill all your content management requirements without any problem. Before selecting a content management system, you should know it very well which features are most important to you. In addition to that, you should also be aware of the fact that which are those features without which you can still do well.

If in case your soul purpose is to save money on design related requirements and blogging, then probably WordPress could be the CMS of your choice as it’s free. However, if you look at the big picture in terms of enhancing your business and managing your content nothing can defeat the advantages provided by ExpressionEngine

Key Benefits of ExpressionEngine over WordPress

ExpressionEngine Is Designed With An Intention Of Selling Products

If we make a comparison between WordPress and ExpressionEngine, the later one is designed with an aim of developing a website that helps in creating rich content management system and selling products. However, if you look at WordPress, it is mainly designed with an intention of providing a free blogging platform for users. If in case you want to sell products on a WordPress website, you need to make use of an additional plug-in to get started with the process.

ExpressionEngine comes with ‘Simple Commerce’ which is nothing but a stunning E-Commerce module. In addition, to that if you can afford a bit more investment you can really take your products to a next level. Yes, that’s true, if you take the support of E-Commerce add-ons, you can do a lot better when it comes to selling your products online. With their assistance, products can be easily controlled and integrated with a variety of CRM applications. Apart from that, you can also integrate your products with 3rd party shopping carts very easily.

ExpressionEngine Is A Great CMS For Controlling And Offering Content

ExpressionEngine provides its users with exclusive membership control in order to give the authority only to selected groups when it comes to using the content. With the support of membership module, the owners of the website can swiftly control the distribution of the content which is really important for them. When it comes to dealing with paid content and empowering your members community, ExpressionEngine proves to the right CMS for you.

It Offers More Security

If we talk about security, websites developed and managed by ExpressionEngine have not seen any type of security breach till date, which indicates that it is a highly secure CMS. On the other hand, considering the fact that WordPress is a free CMS, you cannot really expect high-level of security standards from it.

ExpressionEngine Offers High-Flexibility

Apart from providing the users with high-level of content controlling powers and being more secure, ExpressionEngine also proves to be the top CMS when it comes to offering greater flexibility to its users.

The above-mentioned points make it clear that though WordPress is more popular among users because of being a free CMS, but ExpressionEngine provides users with way too advanced features. So, if you are looking for someone to develop a website in ExpressoinEngine CMS, then you need to select the experienced EE development company.

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