10 Free Responsive Email Marketing Newsletter Templates

Finch Free Email Newsletter-TemplateFinch Free Email Newsletter-Template

Email newsletters are the best way to stay in touch with the clients. Whether you are looking for promoting the newly launched products and services or you want to just share information with the audience, the email newsletter is the best medium that makes all these things possible effectively.

What is Responsive Email Newsletter Template?

Responsive Email Newsletter template is a predefined layout where the users just have to publish the content and configure its functionality according to the usage. After then, you can use it as an email newsletter to be sent to their clients. This kind of template works well on all the screens including, desktop, mobile and tablet. Thus, everyone can access the email through the device they want to use.

List Of Free Email Newsletter Template

Today, when we are searching for the best email templates, we generally get confused because hundreds of free email templates are available in the market. It is quite a daunting task for a newbie to find a free responsive email newsletter template that can cater the requirement of business promotion and other tasks. In an attempt to help you find the free responsive template, this blog present the curated list of best email templates.

If this list does not help, then it is recommended for you to hire email template developer or avail template development service. At present, there are various companies that can help you out, such as, EmailChopper , theem’on and others.

Let’s Have A Glance Over The Free Responsive Template

1. Finch

Finch is a corporate-centric newsletter template that features highly responsive layout to exhibit all the services related to the business in the best manner. It comes with fully layered PSD files and compatibility support with Gmail app. Moreover, it has optimized HTML coding; hence, it can be customized according to user’s wish with the utmost ease.

2. Passion

Passion is a generic email template that can be used by varied organizations. It has a responsive layout to cater the amazing experience to the mobile users. In order to ease customizing, this theme supports drag and drop functionality so that the users can easily define the structure of the template. There are varied options, such as multifarious colors and image selector that enable the users to change the template.

3. Dev

Dev is email newsletter template for e-commerce business. It is bestowed with responsive layout and brilliant structure. This template supports superb typography and style for the content. There is an option to add CTA button in order to direct the users to the landing page. This free template empowers the users to make the email newsletter more business-centric.

4. Sun

Sun is a perfectly designed email newsletter that can be used by any travel agency. It features a conversion-centric layout that can inspire the readers to access the services. The template structure exhibits the content superbly in a readable format.

5. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a free responsive email template that can be used by any business. It features the simplest layout. Adjusting the content here is extremely easier. This template allows the users to add social media button in order to direct the users to company’s fan page.

6. Kreative

Kreative is a mind-blowing email template that is suitable for magazine and photography agency. It supports responsive structure that allows it to be accessed through mobile comfortably. The layout of the Kreative is quite impressive and alluring.

7. Zurbemails

Zurbemails features an amazing structure that makes it a suitable layout for all the businesses. This template allows the marketer to place the content seamlessly. The structure of this template makes it load faster and provide a better user-experience.

8. Simples

Simples is a fabulously crafted email template that is suitable for the e-commerce business. It is well-tested with litmus. The structure of the Simples is brilliant as it shows the content brilliantly.

9. Nexit

Nexit is a superbly designed responsive newsletter template that can be used for promoting sales, discount offer and other newly launched services. Nexit allows the users to customize its functionality and the content so that it can be fit with the business requirement for promotion.


PENROSE is a beautifully designed email newsletter template that can be used by varied organizations to promote the new services. It comes bestowed with a responsive layout so that every mobile user can access the email without any hassle. The content layout of the template is superb.

The Final Thought

Hope that in this list of the free responsive templates, you will find the best responsive email template for your marketing campaign. If you find anything missing in the list, you are most welcome to share with us via comment section is given below. Stay tuned with us, we will come with the new ideas and concepts.

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