5 Qualities Your Logo Must Have

Qualities Your Logo Must Have

When we think of a big brand, there is automatically an image that comes through our minds, and that is one of the main reasons why a logo is a priority to every company. An image that describes the product or the idea can grab a lot of consumers’ attention, and, if I’m being honest, that is a thing that all industries are looking for. We can’t also forget that appearance counts a lot, meaning that a strong first impression can determine success, and I know that this step isn’t something that you or someone that rules a big company would want to miss, right? That’s why sometimes leaving it in the best of professionals is the best way to go, and for that click here.

A logo is the first form of communication between the consumer and the company because, in a sort of way, it’s the representation of the identity of your business. Now, you can either go for something plainer, or extravagant, it’s up to the owner and the team behind the process, but the main priorities must be to grab attention, to be known by the logo and to also be memorable! A logo can only be memorable if it’s strongly attached to the company, meaning people will remember it as soon as they see it. It’s amazing how essential a logo is, right? Now you know why this is such an important step, but keep scrolling to find out more about the qualities that your logo must-have. Stay with me!

1. Differentiation

As I’ve already mentioned, a logo can be the identification of a brand, so the main goal here is to separate the numerous businesses with similar products by their image and their logo, and this way you will know exactly what you are buying. To achieve quality, the logo must not only be the best but also one-of-a-kind, as well as the products you’re selling – that will surely grab the viewers’ attention!

The word is “unique”.

That will help you reach the top, by differentiating yourself from others.

2. Relevancy

RelevancyWe have already discussed differentiation and the importance of being unique, but keep in mind that too different can be bad, so my advice on this topic is to make sure that your logo will be easily and strongly associated with the company itself. Mainly because the association is one of the most important aspects a logo can achieve, so make it intuitive to the people that belong to your target audience!

3. Memorability

It’s easy to understand why this quality is on the top list, don’t you agree? People will remember your products and your brand every time they see the logo, as simple as that. But the main question is how a refreshing, but the memorable logo can be made? Well, the answer is to work with

shapes, letterings, and colors

in a very intelligent way. Creativity is endless and that is the key to success!

4. Scalability

Now, the goal here is to realize the importance of creating a logo that works as well on a large scale, and on a smaller one. You need to be prepared to see your logo in big screens and outdoors, or in magazines and business cards. 10 millimeters or 10 meters? The design must be perfected with legible letters, scalable vectors, and also recognizable from a distance. Be prepared to zoom in and zoom out to catch people’s eye, everywhere!

5. Simplicity

Why does a logo need to be simple? The trend is refined, simplified, and minimalist. I know that there are a lot of exceptions, especially in the past, but nowadays the main focus is to keep everything simple, sharp, and easy to be recognized. This trend actually makes some sense because a design that is too complex, with a lot of colors, can be self-destructive, due to becoming more difficult to understand the message underneath it. The priority these days is functionality, so keep in mind that something simple can be easy to remember, easy to be identified, and, last but not least, can be something stunningly pretty!

Now you Know

Creating an image with quality that defines your ideas, company or brand can mean a bright future to you and to your success. I hope I could help you and keep in mind that quality is the best business plan, so never give up on finding it, and this way you will surely succeed! Have a nice day!

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