4 Ways to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Embed Instagram

Embedding an Instagram feed on your website might just be the best way to reap the benefits of social media for your website & business.

With the growing influence of social media over consumers, brands are now acknowledging the power and possibilities of social media platforms.

Although every business should be omnipresent to reach customers at maximum touchpoints for a targeted and more effective marketing strategy, you need to decide the best social platform comparatively.

Especially when you link the social media to your online presence i.e. Website.

Instagram is one such platform with a massive audience, purposeful tools, and tremendous business promotion opportunities.

Why Use Instagram?

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with over 500 million daily active users and over a billion monthly active users.

Most of the world’s famous brands with 25 million brands globally are on Instagram and over 80% of the users are following at least one brand on Instagram.

Even ⅓ of the users have purchased a product online using the Instagram app.

If you put the work into your profile, post engaging content, and maybe even look at a way to get Instagram followers in order to improve your reach and potential connections, you have a real chance of achieving various benefits for your business through this particular social media platform.

Benefits of embedding Instagram

Embedding Instagram feed on your website can help you unlock the potential of social media for business.

Firstly, Instagram feed is the aggregation of diverse content from Instagram using hashtags, mentions, or profiles into one single place or feed.

It can help you gain extended exposure, reach, awareness, channel traffic from social to website, display engaging visual user-generated content, build social proof, enhance website vibrancy, increase engagement & interaction possibilities, and increase the possibilities of sales & conversions.

4 Ways to embed Instagram feed on the website

Here are the 4 best ways through which you can embed an Instagram feed to your website.

1. Embed From Instagram

Instagram has its own embedding function but it is accessible with a desktop or laptop device. Instagram lets you embed posts directly from Instagram to your website.

Embed from Instagram Website-minYou just have to go to the post on Instagram that you want to embed and go to the menu section of that post and choose the embed option.

It will give you an embed code that you can copy and then paste it in the backend of your website page where you want the post to show

It is a great feature from Instagram for embedding a particular post that might be useful for you like an Influencer’s review, or a mention by a famous personality.

The limitation to this is that when you have to embed multiple posts or posts related to a hashtag, or keyword, or profile then it won’t be as effective as you would have to individually embed each post.

2. Instagram Feed aggregator

Instagram feed aggregators or popularly known as social media aggregators are the aggregation tools that curate, customize, and display content from social media to a feed.

Instagram Feed aggregatorThese tools are immensely helpful as you can gather engaging content from Instagram with hashtags or mentions or profiles into a feed and then you can customize that feed with different themes, colors, posts styles, content highlights, background images, fonts, and much more.

You can even moderate the curated content to restrict any profane, competitors, or irrelevant content. Besides, it lets you update content in real-time on the feed.

Also, you get the option of add shoppe ability to the posts in the feed, play video content, highlight posts, or even make announcements.

You can embed Instagram feeds to websites built on different platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. With Some aggregators, you can even get API access to embed Instagram feed so that you can make it more personalized for your website.

3. Embed Captured Visuals

This is probably one of the easiest, simplest, and quickest ways to embed an Instagram feed on a website.

embed Instagram feed to a websiteThe way you do it is you just capture (or screenshot) the post that you want to display on your website and instead of embedding the embed code you can embed the visual of that post simply.

This might seem simple but it is quite resourceful as when you embed through code, you have to consider the API guidelines and violation of that can lead to API being revoked.

But with visual, you can keep the post as long as you want on your website, and also you can create a collage of multiple posts and display it as a feed.

It might not have as many engagement possibilities as the other options but for starters, it is an excellent option.

4. Embed feed Widget/Plugins

Widgets and plugins are immensely helpful when it comes to integrating any additional feature to any website. This is true for the Instagram feed as well.

Embed instagram feed PluginYou can use an Instagram feed widget to embed the feed. You just have to link your Instagram profile to the widget and it will do the rest of the work.

Widgets and plugins are highly customizable as they provide you the option to choose the size, layout, color, location, styles, theme, font, and much more for the feed.

These widgets/plugins are highly responsive and let you create multiple feeds as well if needed. The key underlying issue is that these might be supported by all website-building platforms.

Besides, these widgets/plugins also have pricing plans as well where you can unlock more features for an added cost.


Your website is your business’s digital face and storefront and it is essential that you make it as engaging, interactive, and attractive as possible with maximum opportunities for superlative consumer experience and conversions.

Having an Instagram feed on your website can help you achieve these goals with just a single feed and you can maximize your returns on investments with minimal time, money, and effort.

Also, an Instagram feed with fresh engaging content will liven up your website and it will help you elevate your brand image, website aesthetics, and consumer’s browsing experience.

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