How to Create Posters & Flyers Online without Photoshop

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Creating free posters or flyers for marketing purposes has never been so easy, no longer need a professional graphic designer because there are so many ways to create graphics online for free. Photoshop remains the number one program to create professional graphics, but it is certainly not for everyone, because in addition to being paid, it is very difficult to use. Fortunately, there are many tools you can find online that allows you to facilitate your work. Today I will tell you about DesignCap, an easy-to-use app that will open a real world to you by giving you a real personalized, special and unique way to create posters and flyers.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an online program that allows anyone to create posters and flyers with a professional style in a few simple steps. With DesignCap, you can indulge and finally abandon unprofessional programs that do not allow you to achieve successful results. The program, unlike most online tools, is entirely free to use. You are not required to register, but with one account, you will be able to save your projects for editing later. As always, you can register by connecting to a social network such as Facebook or Google Plus.

How does DesignCap work?

Using DesignCap is simple and straightforward. Once you enter the website and proceed with the registration, you will see an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. After clicking on the “Make a Free Poster/Flyer” button, you will be taken into the editing canvas where you can choose from hundreds of templates and customize them the way you want. DesignCap offers several categories between which you can choose and find the right template to work on including Promotion, Music, Education, Sport, Food, Holiday, Business, Travel, and much more.

How does DesignCap workOnce you have selected a desirable template, you will open it on the right canvas and customize by yourself. On the left, you will see the panel with a series of pre-set resources.

  1. Template – Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates to start.
  2. Photo – Where you can upload your own photos or select from DesignCap’s library with 580,000 photos integrated.
  3. Text – Where to insert new text or preset styles.
  4. Clipart – An extensive collection of clipart images included.
  5. BKGround – Add custom background colors or patterns for your design.

Just click on each tab and choose the elements you need. For example, if you want to add more text, click on the “Text” tab on the left panel and you can also change font, size or color to your liking.

Selecting Fonts in DesignCapThere is the possibility to manage layers of each element. By selecting the element you want to adjust, you will open the editing menu aside it where you can move the element back, forward, bottom, or top. Once finished editing, you will have to do nothing but share or save the creation on your desktop. If you choose “Save Project” on the top banner, your current project can also be saved and associated with your account, and you can always return to edit it anytime.

Overall, I have shown you the basic functions of this tool. With DesignCap, you can really indulge yourself with colors, images, transparencies, etc. Just unleash your imagination and be guided. In fact, there is also an excellent section called “SUPPORT” on the site where you can find helpful blogs and tutorials always updated. If the image “speaks”, with DesignCap free online poster maker, I am sure that your communication with target audiences will receive a big plus. Use it and then tell me what you think!

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