5 Reasons Why Website Statistics Are So Important!

Website Statistics

Website StatisticsIn a time when having a secure job is a thing of the past for an increasing percentage of people, making an  income on the Internet has become common practice. However, for a website to be successful, many factors need to be taken into account. One of the most significant ones is a statistics counter or tracking plan. Without it the owner of the site is  blind to the impact their site is making. More specifically, it gives them valuable knowledge on how many visited their site and if they return, what pages were checked or which were not. This knowledge allows the website owner to proceed with all necessary changes to make their site more competitive and of course, more lucrative.

Who Are You Aiming For?

To expand on the previous point, whenever a new site is set up, the first decision that must be made is what your target readership is. Who are you aiming to help with your content? It logically follows that a tracking program will prove extremely helpful in identifying whether you have been successful in reaching out to them. It will facilitate you in recognizing what motivates your visitors and what keeps them coming back and how often. On a more technical note, it is certainly useful, as it allows you to know what keywords were used to get to your site or which page drops your customers.

How To Keep Them Coming Back

It is a no-brainer that the results of the statistics will have to be acted upon swiftly. Your website’s content will need to be constantly updated and improved – once a month, if not weekly – to keep up with your readers’ changing needs. A customer needs focused content entails not only getting more visitors but also retaining them.

Design Your Website For Today

These statistics also apply to advertising or selling banner ad space. The more people view these ads, the more their price will increase – it is the same really as any other media. When it comes to websites, this information is useful, as it helps you determine what screen resolution the people who visit your website use. This in turn, will lead to choosing a better design for your website so as to match your customers’ system, resulting in maximum traffic.

What Screen Resolution Is Best?

As mentioned before, the best screen resolution is the one that matches the one the majority of your customers uses. For example, a screen resolution of 800×600 pixels is used by 11% of PC users whereas a resolution of 1024 x768 ranks at about 52%. By assessing your statistics, you will be more knowledgeable as to which one is prevalent and stick to that one, so that your page can be viewed properly and you will not lose your visitors.

Product Sales

It has been proven that every product has a certain life span. In general, the biggest profit is made at the launch of the product. By keeping track of your customers’ needs, you will be better able to identify new trends and adapt accordingly. For instance,  by checking the percentage of customers, you can change products or the promotional text linked to the product.

To conclude, it is evident that website statistics are an invaluable tool for website owners and if used properly can result in big profits. In the end, it all boils down to adapt and how resolute you are to make it on the Internet.

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