Why Following Zero People On Instagram Is Brilliant Idea?

Instagram Is Brilliant Idea

Why following zero people on Instagram is brilliant idea to grow the value of your business and WordPress website.

Apart from sharing some of the critical accolades and even recognized as voices for so many generations, Beyonce, Adele, and similar such singers will share the same social media strategy. They actually follow zero people on this famous social media site called Instagram. But, in no way does that step hurts them. Even if you check out their official fan pages, as constructed on WordPress system, they have a large following base.

In terms of Instagram, even if they each count millions of hardcore fans and followers, eagerly waiting to hit the refresh button for their next post, they have each remained true to their principal or following nobody on such social media sources. Even their WP base websites will only talk about their accomplishments and nobody else.

Well, it is honest for you to know that this strategy goes right against everything, which as aspiring IG influencer might be looking for. Adding some of the new accounts for the following purpose is stated to be one basic and organic tactic for you to cultivate the own feed. It helps in further maintaining a healthy balance between the followers and following. But, these iconic people are throwing away this notion as they don’t believe to play by the rules of the game. They are just making up their own and slaying the game as well. If you are planning to do the same for your account, then you might get some reasons covered for such strategies.

Not following anybody will ensure you create rather than just consuming

Let’s be honest for a second right here, how many of you have scroll the IG on autopilot mode, especially when the IG stories were launched in 2016, for hours every day? As much as you might remind yourself to just reach out for the journal and palosan to stick in the morning, you actually head towards IG to post the new picture. So, the next point that happens is that you are pulled right into a recap of the early morning routines and previous nights. A few minutes later, even hours, you will realize that you might have spent that same amount of time in creating a new post, brainstorming or even exercising, to say the least. So, if you stop following others, things might turn to work out well for you.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

You won’t get the chance to compare yourself with others if you stop following them. It is a great way to boost self-confidence and not to feel low even when things are not working out as planned. Let’s take the example of Larissa May. She was the one behind #HalfTheStory, which is a non-profit based platform working on a worldwide basis for encouraging some authentic storytelling on the WP based social media platforms. Moreover, it is offering educational resources about the impacts of such social media on mental health to colleges and schools across the globe.

  • In this current IG era, you are not just living the change but also posting every move that you are making or about to make.
  • Even though, there is no such clear data that social media proves to be a contributing factor to spike in mental health based issues and sadness that adults and teens are presenting feeling, it is quite natural that whenever you are exposing yourself to what others are planning too, it can easily lead to that comparison game mode on.
  • Social media is more like a reminder of things that you are not doing even when the world is following it. For female founders like Larissa May, it always feels never enough and social media can perpetuate that most of the time.

Cancels out the unwanted noise from your life

By not just viewing stories and posts from others, you are actually tuning down the distraction level to a new sector. It proves to be one major step in helping you out to maintain that laser-sharp focus on what you are actually planning on doing and also striving to achieve right now. Therefore, it is always mandatory for you to keep the eyes on prizes and not quite invest time checking out others’ posts.

It helps in directing your creativity and inspiration somewhere else

Some might argue probably that it is always important to see what others are actually doing just to stay informed, dialed and even to be inspired. You might actually feel in the exact same manner.

  • As a creative personality, it is always critical for you to see what others are talking about or the language they are using right now. You need to be aware of the lingos used by cool kids these days.
  • But, being on the creative side, you also have to get yourself offline sometimes and do something, which is not related to the social media or IG category.
  • For example, you can take some time out to visit a museum or watch a movie. Get to read some unfinished books for a change. So, the time has come to log off and just lean into inspiration surrounding your daily life.

It helps you to maintain the role of sole conductor of IG narrative

It is quite normal to get affected by the number of comments and likes you might get on latest post. It can also cause something, known as “posters’ remorse.” This step, in turn, can actually ensure that you start second guessing the future posts. But staying focused on the time on the comments will ensure that your feeds get infused and your feed alone. But, un-following will help you to prevent this step and there will be on one out there to comment.

Just be sure to take complete control over your IG feeds just like you do with your WP based website. These stages are part of your business growth and you should be able to control it fully.

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