8 Essential YouTube Marketing Techniques & Ideas


YouTube is one of the most visited social networking sites. For some people this is just a medium of getting entertained, getting knowledge and for others, it’s a medium of marketing be its commercial marketing or marketing of personal talent. The effectiveness of YouTube can be estimated by the fact that according to a research by a reliable source, nearly 8 billion people visit YouTube at least once in a month and every day YouTube witnesses upload of 73 hours’ worth videos. To market your product you need some strategies to maximize the traffic on your channel. Here are 8 of those essential techniques to get going.

1. Measure Attention Period

This is the most necessary strategy to grab audience’s attention; you need to measure the period of attention. With the help of that, you can figure out where exactly you are making a mistake. Remember, only a good storytelling can market your product. To enhance the quality of your storytelling you need to take care of two things; ‘five seconds rule’ and ‘short video’. People will decide in the first five seconds whether they want to continue with the video or not. Hence it’s imperative to make the video attractive right from the onset.

2. Informative Subjects Can Avoid Time Limit

It’s a fact that YouTube audience does not just want entertainment, but they also appreciate a good bit of information at one single place. For this kind of videos, you should not restrict yourself to a time limit, but you should take care of ‘five seconds rule’ since first five seconds will give them an idea whether they can learn something valuable from the video and if they do so effectively, they won’t care how long the video is.

3. Creative Use Of Annotation

By and large, use of annotations is good, but they lose their effectiveness if you use them in traditional ways. So instead of employing that, you can try creative steps. You can add them with a nice photograph like that of a smiling kid or a favorite celebrity, as this will not irritate any viewer. Spotlight annotation is another creative way to boost your product’s marketing. Through present techniques you can manage annotations, say for example if your visitor crosses a significant time, then you can also display them links to your other videos.

4. Strategy To Plan A Good Video

This includes a few steps, first is the magic ‘keyword’. Most people wonder ‘My videos were good, then why didn’t I get significant views’; the reason is simple; people have not noticed your channel yet. You should use Google’s keyword tool to know which keywords you should tag in order to get traffic. Furthermore, you can also use transcript version of the video, since people may not always receive the best sound quality and therefore would like to check out the description part of the details. This keeps you in the game even if the Video quality is a bit low.

5. Embed Your Videos With Question Or Comments

You can embed your video in two ways, one is for those who want to comment in favor and the other one is for those who are against the subject. This way you can engage every type of visitor, keeping in mind that the marketing line does not imply only in favor of the subject.


This is a significant way of marketing; you can add other YouTube channels to your featured channel functions. While doing so you need to take care that the other channels promote the niche related to your subject. Just set up your YouTube functions accordingly and you can boost up your YouTube marketing remarkably.

7. Personalized Your Video With Gadgets

It is a known fact that a good quality video of two minutes can take up to two days of recording with limited resources; although you can avoid such things by simply using a few remarkable gadgets such as lighting, camera, and even microphone. These high-quality tools can be purchased from the market at a cost of $100 to $200. Even though the price is a bit high, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day if that turns out to be $1000 for you.

8. Connect YouTube With Other Social Networking Sites

Being a thoughtful medium, YouTube provides you the opportunity to connect your YouTube channels with your other social networking accounts. This is a significant way to multiply your audience and this increase in audience implies an increase in conversion. People will find it easier to access your channel and if the content is good, it will be noticed widely through shares and likes.


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