How To Start Email Marketing Campaign in 8 Easy Steps

Email Marketing Campaign

On an average, 2.5 billion people across the globe are currently using emails and this number may exceed to 2.8 billion by 2020. Keeping these numbers in mind, the business world shifts its focus towards email marketing for the effective and inexpensive promotion of services and products. Its quick reply-forward option, easy sign up grab the attention of users and increase the demand for email marketing campaigns. Although it’s a simple process still if you are finding any difficulty then below are the steps to create an email marketing campaign:

8 Easy Steps To Start Email Marketing

1. Think & Rethink About Your Goals and Audience

Like other marketing strategies, email marketing campaign also takes its first step on the basis of its goal and audience. Be sure about your goals and audience like are you interested in welcoming new subscribers or just want to increase more connectivity with existing ones.

2. Work On Your Subject Line

The subject line acts as the preamble of email -marketing campaigns. Generally, the subject line comprises of 40-50 characters so it’s better to put it as relevant and short with a catchy subject line, you can easily influence the audience to open and click your mail.

3. Focus On Designing

Keep your focus on responsive email designs which means your mail will automatically resize itself when readers open it on desktop, mobiles, tablets etc. generally, more content looks better than emails filled with images

4. Greet With Names

Whenever possible, just greet your audience with their first names. It comes under human behavior that we are answerable to the things only that address our names. If you want to build up a strong initial bond with your clients then don’t miss the chance to incorporate their names in email salutation.

5. Make Space For “Call To Action”

Call to action means the provided links and buttons in emails through which readers can mark their counter-response, download the relative files, learn more about your services and more. Keep one thing in mind that these actions don’t get mix with rest of content otherwise, they will lose their essence.

6. Repeated Test Series

Before sending the mail draft to others just make sure that it looks good on both desktop and mobile versions. One of the best options to test your mail is send it to your own mail id and check it on both desktop and mobile. Give a check for content, downloading speed and more. In case, you find any issue, quickly fix them and test again.

7. Don’t Forget To Send Campaigns

It’s your choice either you send your mail now or keep it on hold for later. After working on all these above-mentioned points, don’t forget to send campaigns.

8. Keep Track Record Of Results

Once you are done with sending the emails then your homework is to keep a track record of results including clicks, forwards, subscribes, unsubscribes and more. This helps you to find out is your email – marketing campaign working properly or fulfilling your goals.

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