8 Pinterest Tips for Building a Brand Visibility

8 Pinterest Tips for Brand

8 Pinterest Tips for BrandInteractive, visual and social – these are the elements that characterize Pinterest. This is a new social media tool where people come for innovative gift ideas, for inspirations and also for sharing their new discoveries. Its easy-to-use navigating platform makes it all the more attractive to the small business owners. They can reach out to their target audience by sharing visually compelling pictures and resources, which your followers will surely like.

Now, if you are involved with visual branding but still not have used the Pinterest site for promoting your brand, you are missing out something. It’s time that you start considering this alternative for your brand promotion.

Some of the vital tips that can help you with the brand advertising are mentioned here.

Manage Your Pinterest Visibility With Useful Tips

1. Opt for User Generated Content

You can give your target audience the grand opportunity for becoming the judge of your brand. Add them as the contributor to any one of the Pinterest boards you have. You can request the other pinners to send your emails, in case they find it interesting to join it. This is really marvelous option to extend your hand by means of indirect promotion conducted by the board contributors on Pinterest. Try it out, it really works!

2. Implement “Words” in Pinterest Images

This actually means that you can include words into the images you use in this social networking site. This involves using the correct –

  • Keywords
  • Board category
  • Board descriptions and name
  • ‘Call to Action’ phrases in the image

You must think of “searchability” when you upload your pins. Why should words be used? Words have the ability to generate cross-posting. Hence, words should be used smartly and intelligently. You can also add a hashtag with the keyword you are using.

3. Use DIYs, Infographics and Humors

Pinterest is such a social networking site majority of the contents of which are presented visually. Using of DIYS, infographics and inspirational quotes are pretty common in Pinterest. In this site, you are free to share inspiring ideas, any kind of industrial researches and contents for giving the users an enriching experience. You can become a content curator in this social media website. Another great idea is to make a collection of all the infographics significant to your niche.

4. Pinning Comments on regular Basis

Only opening up an account with Pinterest and posting a pin for your brand promotion cannot give you success. You should regularly keep checking popular pins and the reactions of the others to that pin and comment on them. You should take an active role in the conversation by providing insightful thoughts that can help your followers.

You should also identify the top commenters interested in your niche and then build up a relation with them. You should build the habit of crediting the source of a particular pin. Mentioning the commenters by @ helps in building a healthy relation with the people interested in you.

5. Narrate a Tale on Pinterest

Can you afford to share a story with the world outside through this social networking site? If you can share some story, which is capable of resonating with your target audience, you can certainly see people expressing their willingness to repin your story again and again. Don’t think that sharing a story means copying it from some other website. You should insert your own creativity before publishing it on the Pinterest board.

Make your text attractive and promote your visibility in the most effective way!

6. Keep Monitoring the Brand Visibility through “Source”  

Once you post your blog or brand, you should keep on checking its trend, whether it is spreading across your Pinterest environment. You should have a track as to how many users are actually pinning through your website. Place your link in “YourDomainHere”. You should search if there is any description given by the pinners and if possible, you should also thank your pinners. If you want users to pin your article, you must add at least an image of 110 x 100 pixels.

7. Pinning Slides, Videos apart from Images

As you know pictures and videos speak more than words. Therefore, for promoting any special event depicting your brand, you should use a video for the sharing the foot of the particular event instead of describing it in words. You can also make a video tutorial in case you are dealing with technical issues. Users find this interesting to know.

You can also choose to make a slide presentation of your brand or on some topic belonging to your niche.

8. Give A Stylish Description of Your Brand

There is no harm in showing greater personality of your brand besides its industrial and formal boards. If there is no bar from the company, you can embrace other trends and interest and formulate them according to the unique taste of the brand.

Apply these methods and create a better visibility of your brand.

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