10 Tips To Increase WordPress Website Traffic

Increase WordPress Website TrafficIncrease WordPress Website Traffic

WordPress is undoubtedly a reliable and proven platform that has empowered not just newbies but also established businesses for last few years. This intuitive blogging-cum-web development platform offers remarkable options to create blogging sites that are capable of providing higher viewer base to your business.

Out of the two major aspects of blog writing: getting visitors on your site is much more important than writing the blog. Publishing a blog and doing nothing to get visitors’ attention is probably not going to work in your favor. Getting visitors on your site needs patience, hard work, and some good strategies. And expecting an exorbitant view count on your blog during initial steps is definitely a wrong move. Although there are numerous ways to attract traffic to your site but the making & breaking of site’s popularity depends on the quality of traffic.

Everyone knows WordPress is just amazing! But when it comes to bringing in more traffic to the site, does this amazingness really works? No, not actually and especially in the case of multi-author sites. There are several tips and techniques, if materialized properly, tend to get desired traffic on your WordPress site.

Tips To Get High-Traffic WordPress Site

Here are some commonly known ways to get high-traffic on your WordPress site:

1. Provide Quality Content:

All small and big details are equally significant in a content placement and visibility. Content plays a very important role in escalating a website over the internet. So make sure apart from hiring a developer, you also hire a technical content writer who knows every nook and hook of content curation. A readable and easy to understand content leverages the visibility of your site over SERPs.

2. Continuous:

Continual blogging is one major aspect that influences the visitors on your site. If you are posting quality content on your blogs and that too on a regular basis then there are maximum chances of a reader to return to your site. Continual blogging doesn’t mean publishing blogs at every hour instead it means content to be posted on a regular interval. Best is to keep it on a daily/weekly basis. An updated content helps in creating a strong viewer base for a WordPress site.

3. Articulated Content:

Keep the content and its highlighted sections like headings simple and readable. The titles of a content to play a crucial role in generating and subsisting the curiosity of readers. This curiosity brings back the reader to visit the site again. This goes on with other contents as well. So try making the content as catchy, interesting as possible. Most of the times, it’s only the title that attracts the readers to your content or site.

4. Publicize and Share Blog:

Popularize your blog with sharing options offered by WordPress that automatically shares you blog posts on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With every blog post on WordPress, you get different options to reach out to a wide range of viewers through social media platforms. This not only publicizes your business and blog but also helps in creating a space for your business within the market. Shared Blog posts by visitors are also an added advantage for sites that help them get desired promotion and traffic.

5. Press Releases:

A right-pitched press release covering all aspects of promotion and information helps in generating more traffic for the website. Press releases are the most reliable and conventional method of promoting a site that, in turn, helps in generating more traffic.

6. Organize Contest:

Whenever possible, organize some contests for your audience and let them get engaged on your site for a longer duration. The user engagement contests not only attract the established visitors but also lure the potential visitors.

7. Go Mobile:

Get a mobile version of your website. Yes, it actually works. Since there is a significant number of smartphone users across the globe; hence, it becomes necessary to cater them. You can effectively cater the smartphone users only when you have a mobile-based site. Viewing blogs on mobiles is more feasible than reading them on the desktop.

8. Guest Posts:

Guest posts are not just meant to get links instead they are highly beneficial for generating traffic to a website. So look out for some highly ranked guest blogging sites and publish your content there along with a link to your WordPress site. A guest post on a reliable site helps in creating steady traffic on your site.

9. Create Backlinks:

A relevant and, of course, mostly used the method of generating traffic to a website. Try exchanging backlinks of your sites to other high ranked sites. You can also try linking different pages but try not to do it forcefully. Each and every page linked through backlinks is definitely not the right move.

A relevant and, of course, mostly used a method of generating traffic to a website. Try exchanging backlinks of your sites to other high ranked sites. You can also try linking different pages but try not to do it forcefully. Each and every page linked through backlinks is definitely not the right move.

10. Search Engine Optimization:

Install SEO plugins in your WordPress site and let it optimize all the content as per the analytics of Google and other search engines. Various techniques like highlighted and targeted keywords leverage the visibility of the content and let it get ranked high on SERPs. Companies like CSSChopper utilize the best of the latest technologies to optimize their clients’ websites for search engine exposure.


Consider these tips next time you plan to create your own blog post to get high traffic on your WordPress site. But even before you start using your WordPress site for getting high-traffic, make sure you have checked for its compatible traffic volume. Undoubtedly WordPress is all by itself capable of bringing in a large amount of traffic but with time and technology, some limitations have occurred that need to be resolved. Getting a high-traffic is no less than a boon for your business so do it effectively no matter how much time it takes. Get an idea and stick to it, it would seem so boring and monotonous in the beginning but gradually it will start showcasing the results. Have patience and let your blog get the desired traffic gradually.

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