4 Ultimate WP Plugins That Help Develop Outstanding Landing Page

Optimizepress wp plugin

Most of the website owners make strives to attract potential traffic by optimizing their site design (responsive, flat and minimalist design), reducing the loading time, making it search-engine friendly and more. However, in between there is a most important thing that is often skipped by the majority of people. And, it is the landing page.

No matter how many efforts you are making to drive in potential traffic, if the viewers are not landing on an appropriate page, it might only add to the bounce rate. The Home page is indubitably very essential as it boasts the face of your organization over the Internet. But, dragging each viewer to the Home Page instead of directly navigating him or her to the intended page doesn’t make sense.

A landing page is definitely a page that epitomizes your image to the viewers invited via a campaign. Deciding upon the landing page is a worthy step and must be given proper attention. The campaign that is driving traffic to your site determines which page can be set as the landing for different traffic needs. Since, every campaign will serve a distinct motive, there must be a suitable landing page for each.

The visual appearance of a landing page is quite imperative, it must be intuitive, impressive and engaging so as to interest the landed viewers and help increase the conversion rates and sales.

Fortunately, the WordPress site owners are blessed with an overwhelming list of plugins that can help them create an attractive and optimized landing page with greater ease. Let’s have a look at some of the efficient plugins.

1. WordPress Landing Page

Ultimate Coming Soon PageThe WP Landing Page plugin is of the most efficient free plugin available in the WordPress repository. With this plugin, you create an innovative and feature-rich landing page with greater precision. It comes complete with some proficient tools that facilitate conversion rate tracking, A/B split testing and a lot more. You may also integrate any of the available templates that suits best to your taste.

2. LeadPages

WordPress Landing PagesThis plugin is designed to allow users to easily develop a desired landing page. It amazingly handles all the featured digital assets including PDF files, videos, images, etc. Moreover, it also takes care of your web page hosting. It offers numerous ready to use templates that feature cool aesthetics and boasts captivating visual appeal. You can either choose a desired one from the list of over 70 templates or create your very own to lend a fresh and distinct appearance to the landing page. This premium plugin charges a worthy amount.

3. OptimizePress 2.0

Optimizepress wp pluginThe drag and drop feature of this plugin makes it really convenient to implement. With its live visual editor, you can easily create fabulous, responsive web pages and review the added changes in real time. Starting from the scratch is not a daunting task with this plugin, it however offers around 30 templates that can be directly deployed. Moreover, this amazing plugin is also available as a WP theme. This premium plugin comes in three attractive membership packages, including, a core package (the cheapest one), a publisher package and a pro package (the most expensive one). This worthy plugin is a great value for money.

4. Ultimate Coming Soon Page

LeadPages analyticsWhen a site is under construction or for the time when it is under maintenance, you can still collect the emails from your site visitors by creating a launch page. With this plugin you can efficiently configure a coming soon page for your website. It will allow you to access your site by simply logging in, while other users will only get a launch page or coming soon page that will help them access some feature like emails, without affecting your maintenance job. This resourceful plugin is available for free.

Create a remarkable landing page, keeping the expectation of the driven potential traffic in mind. Enhance the look and feel of the page to make it appear visually appealing and engaging; this will definitely help you generate greater ROI and conversion rates. You can use any of the aforementioned WordPress plugin to efficiently create an outstanding landing page. Ensure that the designed page is easily customizable, lightweight and doesn’t add complexity to the user interface.

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