Why WordPress (WP) continues to be a popular CMS for web development?

CMS for web development

One in every 3 websites in the world is powered by WordPress (WP), which roughly accounts for 30 percent of the market share. This figure alone should be enough to give you an idea where this CMS (content management system) currently stands in the market.

Don’t forget, WordPress had started out as a blogging platform some 15 years back, but it kept on adapting to the changes to develop into a versatile platform. Today, developers all over love this platform to create fully functional and feature-rich websites for any category.

What’s more, this open-source software is completely free to use, edit, redistribute and develop sites of any size and complexity. Naturally, WordPress ensures lower web development cost together with delivering value to people in search of a top-class platform for websites.

Here are 7 reasons that make WordPress a popular CMS

1. SEO advantage

WordPress comes with some amazing built-in SEO tools and features that help it become popular among web developers and site owners alike. Using this CMS means you will always have an advantage with search engines from where traffic and rankings materialize. It has precise HTML mark-up which helps search engines understand the layout and content format of the site easily.

Similarly, WordPress brings a great deal of efficiency with content creation, whether for blogging, news, media, etc. It also comes with SEO-friendly permalinks or helps developers customize links easily and boost their site’s performance in search engines.

2. Ease of customization

WordPress is a unique platform that comes with a simple user interface and equally easy-to-understand options. The functionalities built in the CMS are something that doesn’t require many technical skills to grasp. In fact, you don’t need coding knowledge to get around this platform or handle it, courtesy all the tools, plugins and themes that come packed within.

WordPress is so easily to customize that anyone can create attention-grabbing and dynamic websites with effortless ease. To top it all, managing WP sites are even easier on the web, thanks to regular updates for themes and new plugins launched by its community.

3. Many WP themes and plugins to boost functionality

WordPress has plenty of popular themes and plugins on a free and premium basis which can be used to boost the functionality of sites without much effort. Plus, new themes are launched almost on a daily basis to help developers and users alike in enhancing the capabilities of sites. The good thing, themes are available for different categories to be it e-commerce, blogging, business etc, for use.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available that can be used to add additional features and functionality to a site. Some of its plugins are so popular that creating websites without them is unthinkable to developers. You can use them to keep the site updated and increase their performance on the web.

4. Ease of creating mobile-friendly websites

WordPress is easily the most reliable CMS when it comes to creating websites fit for different screen sizes and devices. Sites powered by WB can be easily optimized for different screen sizes to ensure uniform user experience to visitors. The ease of mobile optimization which is available with this platform is hard to match elsewhere and that’s why new-age developers can think of any other solution for creating powerful websites.

The good thing, you can find a responsive WordPress theme and add anything, be it site design, image scaling to layout, without any coding knowledge. This is how you can create websites that consider mobile experiences and ensure value to those who access sites through hand-held devices.

5. High Level of Security

When it comes to the security of websites, WordPress stands out the platform of choice for developers. Sites powered by WP are safe and secure and that’s why the CMS continues to enjoy the trust in the market today. This platform makes it extremely tough for hackers to exploit the weaknesses and compromise the security of websites. It releases security updates on a regular basis and gives you an opportunity to keep all your themes and plugins up-to-date and with fewer security risks to contend with. That’s why businesses love this content management system always.

6. Ease of integration with other software tools

WordPress is a kind of platform that delivers ease of integration with other software tools. So, you can expect other popular tools of yours to get integrated with it and add value to your workflow. Whether you want to connect this CMS via an API or plugin or streamline information together or want to display work online, you can always count on this platform to bring the desired level of ease.

No matter what tools or social media apps or email apps or analytics applications you use, everything can be easily integrated with WordPress for achieving better functionality. The kind of seamless integration this CMS provides with other tools is hard to match elsewhere and that’s why businesses just love this platform greatly.

7. The support of a strong WordPress community

To gauge the popularity of any CMS, the first thing you should check is its community and see how vibrant and active it is. WordPress easily has the most vibrant community of users, developers, coders, programmers all over the world who are connected by the shared vision of enhancing the experience with this amazing platform. In fact, the community is expanding and growing by the day and bringing the desired level of ease with the platform.

From help guide to study materials to online support, from technical support to fixing of issues, WordPress community is helpful for everything that makes the use of the platform smooth. Plus, new SEO features and UP updates are coming up some which will further make the platform better by the day.

So, if you look to get created a powerful and feature-rich website for your business, you should easily trust WordPress development services and take a solid step towards meeting your goals in a perfect manner.

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