5 Mobile Plugins That Work Best with WordPress


WordPress can be termed as web software which you can use to make an attractive website or blog. It can be said about WordPress that it is at the same time both free as well as priceless.

You can manage your WordPress blog and site now from your iOS devices. By using the features of WordPress aimed at iOS, now you will be able to temperate comments, edit and make posts and pages, add images or videos and can view stats with ease.

This core software is the creation by hundreds of community undertakes. It facilitates more than thousands of themes and plugins at your footstep to transform your site into almost anything that you never imagine. Almost over 60 million people have selected WordPress to command the place on the web.

The followings are the mobile plugins that work best with WordPress…

1. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack PluginEdent & Jamesgpearce developed this plugin. The main advantage of this powerful plugin is its two great features such as mobile recognition and device adaptation. These are the tremendous features that you have ever seen because they detect the device and the browser and after then resizes the images associated with it and by fragmenting your post into numerous diverse pages that create the simple and easy navigation for the visitors. One more indispensable feature of this plugin is that it allows the Adsense ads to be displayed as per the mobile version.

2. WP Touch

WPtouch PluginThe second great user friendly plugin is WP Touch. It is simply awesome and friendly layout even used by the probloggers also. It however alters your blog into application special template theme which diminishes the size of the images and posts, thus the process becomes faster at the load when observed from mobile internet surfing devices such as the iPod touch, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. Thus it worth using and also can be recommended.

3. MobilePress

MobilePressMobilePress is a demanding WordPress plugin that does transform your WordPress blog on mobile devices, having the ability through to use customized themes. This excellent and easy plugin is simple to control and use. You just need to install plugin and rest all it will take care of. With this you can generate your own managed ads and can also track your visitors with Aduity analytics. Integration with Aduity.com helps you in serving ads sourcing from the biggest mobile ad networks like Buzzcity, Admob, Quattro Wireless, and InMobi.

4. WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile EditionThe last most used plugin for the popular mobile devices is WordPress mobile edition. The popular plugin is advanced by Crowd Favorite. This is a free plugin, armed with powerful, simple as well as user friendly layout. The special feature is that, the mobile version stored for all mobile devices thus when somebody visits your site it loads the particular mobile version.

5. WP View Mobile

WP viewMobileIt is the next powerful, easy and an internet friendly mobile plugin. When somebody visits your blog, already stored different templates for different devices, thus now out wasting any more time, with this you can detect the browser and displays the content in your mobile version form.

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