5 Exclusive Church WordPress Themes for Non-Profit Organization

Moses Church WordPress Theme

As per the studies conducted by some survey organizations, it has been assessed that religious institutions like churches, temples, and mosques are going low in terms of religious gathering. Given the fact, the increasing working hours and overt engagement in personal affairs of individuals are not allowing them to gather in their religious temples. However, the devotees try to be connected with their churches to seek God’s blessings. They prefer to use Church’s website for being updated with the congregation schedules. So, the trend of creating website for churches has increased. A website can connect the devotees to the frequent congregations of the church. In this way, if you are associated with a church and making website with WordPress then you will get great help at here. You will get to know about the best themes for your church. Take a look below!

1. United – It Unites People

United Church WordPress ThemeWell, it is truly a theme made for churches only. It sports a big front-page banner to grab the immediate attention of the visitors. In contrary of usual themes, it can to repose the faith & fraternity among the devotees. It also gives a tiny menus strip to add few menu bars of the website. Moreover, you can show the map of your church in the bottom of this theme. Further, it will allow you to pass recent updates regarding the congregation of devotees at church. You can get this theme by paying $49 per user.

2. Micah Church

Micah Church WordPress ThemeIf you are aware of great Prophet Micah and his book titled as ‘Book of Micah’ then you can easily understand the wonderful construction of this theme. It is an impressive theme with front sliding banner. Now, you can use impactful pictures of your church congregations. It will help you in adding a blogging tool, posting pictures, and creating events at your website to communicate with the overtly busy devotees of your church. It is available at the cost of $79 so you do not have to worry about the prices.

3. Epic Church Theme

Epic Church WordPress ThemeDeveloped by ‘Organized Themes’, it is an ultra modern theme that will make your church congregations virtual. You can simply use the theme’s features to podcast the morning prayers and sermons. Apart from this, it gives a clean area in the bottom right corner of your website, where you can use the map & contact details of your church. Therefore, it will simply increase the accessibility of your religious institution.

4. Moses Theme

Moses Church WordPress ThemeIf you are looking for a professional looking website for your church then you should pick this one. It gives all that you need to transmit your church’s messages to your devotees.

5. Trinity

Trinity Church WordPress ThemeAs you know that ‘Church Themes’ is known for making great themes for church websites so you can get this website from the developer. It gives multiple extra-ordinary features such as sermon media publishing, podcasting, and online donation widgets to accept donations from PayPal or EasyTithe, and people directories. Therefore, it adds all the required features for a website.

So, you can now select the themes as per the requirement of your church.

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