5 Tips to Choose Best PowerPoint Templates for Presentations


MS PowerPoint 2013When you choose a template for your PowerPoint presentation, you need to make sure that you take all the factors into account and select the right design. The PowerPoint template forms the base of your presentation, and choosing the wrong one can make it much less effective.

Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of simply choosing the template that looks best according to their personal preferences, but the following factors should be considered before making this decision:

1. The images you plan to add

If you already have a list of your own images or a folder from your company, it will be easier to choose a template that matches the resolution of these images. If you do not have images, however, you will have to get them from the internet, and this could complicate matters. First of all, you can only select public domain (non-copyrighted) images, and the images you find may be smaller than the ideal resolution for a PowerPoint presentation. When you add them to a slide, they appear pixelated and ruin the look of the entire presentation.

2. Location where you making a presentation

An oft overlooked factor that determines your choice of PowerPoint template is the location where you are giving the presentation. Depending on the location, you should choose an appropriate dark or light colored template for your presentation. For example, the color blue is associated with serious, conservative businesses in the U.S., but it has a different meaning in East Asia.

3. Field or industry of work

The template you choose has to communicate the field or industry in which your company functions. For example, if your company is in the financial field, you can make a much more effective presentation if the template you choose reflects the financial theme of your company. Similarly, for companies in the travel and tourism industry, you can choose a lighter, travel-themed PowerPoint template for your presentation.

4. Company color theme

The presenter should not only successfully explain his or her image to the audience, but also build credibility. When you choose a PowerPoint template that reflects the theme of the company, you can improve the audience’s opinion of the company.

To do this, you should select a template that uses a color similar to the ones used by your company in its design and collateral materials. For instance, if your company’s logo, brochures, and letterhead predominantly use aqua blue, select a template that is part of the same color family to make a better impression. If your presentation also includes handouts for the audience, matching the template of your PowerPoint slides with the color theme of the handouts can also be very effective in creating a more powerful effect.

5. Slide layout

The layout you plan for the slide also plays a role in the template you choose. The classic PowerPoint layout is a title with content space below, but you can easily choose different layouts or make your own unique layout. The template has to complement the layout you are planning for each slide.

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