5 WordPress Myths You Must Debunk Now!

Top 5 WordPress Myths You Must Debunk Now

When we think of some popular CMS solutions then one name that pops up in our mind is WordPress. With time this very platform has gone through some of the most recognizable transformations, that have left everyone yearning for it. It brings oodles of benefits, flexibility and its open-source platform makes it a #1 choice among developers.

However, in this race, there have been some hiccups caused by the misconception bubble, which has made some of us doubt its credibility. But you would be surprised to know that these doubts are nothing but the myths that have emerged out of baseless facts.

Henceforth, to help you get a quick look at those myths and the reality behind them, we have brought this post today. Please read this post further to enlighten yourself…

1. Avoid using it for eCommerce

Seriously, knowing this myth, I could not stop my laugh. It must be a clear case of unawareness. Henceforth you must know that if you are willing to sell anything online then WordPress is your reliable partner.

WooCommerce is the most popular option for eCommerce stores, where it covers a 41% market share of the eCommerce sector. It is easy to be used, without any specific knowledge. Also, with WordPress, you get plenty of more options to build your online store. For instance, with the Shopify e-commerce plugin, it becomes a hassle-free journey for you to make a WordPress page or blog shoppable, adding e-commerce functionality to your WordPress site. And some of the other engaging WordPress e-commerce solutions are BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento. So get set ready to build your eCommerce solution through WordPress, because it has got a lot more to offer than you ever imagined before.

2. WordPress is only a perfect choice for bloggers

Well, this misconception has a lot more to do with the origination of the WordPress platform. Initially, this very platform came into existence for the bloggers only, and was and is still favorite among them.

But with time it has EVOLVED!

It means that WordPress is the most popular CMS available today, which has taken a bigger bite from the competition cookie. And needless to mention but has beaten the competitors Drupal and Joomla to a greater extent. Today 28% of global websites are made on WordPress only that reflects its popularity.

For the free hosting services, it is the favorite destination for the bloggers, but that does not mean that it is solely dedicated to them only. There are some of the most renowned brands and celebrities who have embraced this CMS platform for their website solutions, such as Beyonce, Walt Disney, MTV news among many others. THE reason behind this endorsement is not just the cost factor, but also the ease of managing the back-end and other flexible features that come along with it.

So my lovely readers if you are not a blogger, then WordPress is still a good choice for you to make your website on it.

3. Plugins; only a few are good!

OOPS, it is heart-wrenching.

Jokes apart, WordPress is the most popular CMS that has more than 56,000 plugins available. And it is obvious not to use all. Hence considering all other plugins useless is not the right choice. You can check the reviews of different plugins and then make the decision to install and use them. Trust me, every plugin has something different and unique to share ahead.

4. WordPress websites are similar in looks

Well, this myth took place majorly due to one fact that all WordPress installations look similar. But that doesn’t mean that website looks similar. There is a strong gush of multiple themes available on WordPress which are free and paid both. You can pick any of these themes to bring a change in your website’s aesthetic appearance to a great extent.

5. Security is not guaranteed with WordPress

This is a cold-blooded myth as there is no evidence available stating WordPress is less secure than any other CMS site. Just like any other CMS, WordPress is also vulnerable to hackers’ activities. But since WordPress is ruling in the market for the longest, hence there is a well-secured security shield around this platform and there are security plugins as well. These together make WordPress a secured platform

In a nutshell…

So here we are!

Let’s keep busting WordPress misconceptions further! Hopefully, we were somehow successful in removing the cloud of myths from your mind. If you hear somebody talking about these myths, please share the article ahead, and spread the tech awareness!

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