6 Must-have Gadgets for Your Next Adventure Trip

Gadgets for Your Next Adventure TripGadgets for Your Next Adventure Trip

Whether you are traveling for your vacation or to complete a field assignment, you need to ensure that you are prepared to meet the challenges out there. While on a trip, your safety is essential, as well as making things convenient all through your adventure.

In this article, we look at the gadgets that are necessary to make your adventure trip a success. You will gauge what you will need as per your trip destination. Consider these items as the gadget options to include in your next trip budget.

1. A High-Quality Power Bank for Your Smartphone

The smartphone is unmistakably already in your collection of gadgets you are carrying for your journey. It comes with so many apps that you will need for a satisfactory adventure. Talk about the compass, the maps, GPS location, digital camera, music player, communication tools, task managers, etc. The list is endless.

To keep the phone going for hours, you will need to ensure that you have a source of power to recharge it when the battery runs flat. A quality power bank will suffice all your needs. But you will need to know how to identify the right power bank for your smartphone. Ensure that you pick a power bank with sufficient capacity to juice up your smartphone at least twice.

2. A Portable WiFi Hotspot

An adventure trip comes with the unpredicted. What if you want to send out an important email but you are not on a mobile data plan? Maybe you took your adventure trip to the mountains where there are no habitations or internet cafes. How will you communicate back home or catch up with the conversation at the office?

The solution you will need is carrying a personal portable WiFi hotspot. The gadget helps you to connect to the internet from wherever you are in the world without worrying about your roaming costs. The portable hotspot gadget also helps in protecting your information since you will not be sharing it with anybody else. Your privacy is with you.

3. Bluetooth Helmets

Helmets are must-have motorcycle accessories for your adventure trips. When going out with your friends on an off-road adventure, you will need to use motorbikes. To communicate easily with your peers, you need Bluetooth enabled helmets. When connected with this wonderful wireless technology, you simply talk to each other without lifting the helmets off your heads.

Bluetooth helmets also work as wireless receivers for your phones. You can use them to receive calls and listen to music as you travel. But before you buy any Bluetooth helmet, confirm whether it can pair with any model or it must match the same model. It is a good idea to have Bluetooth that pairs with any model for a smooth riding experience.

4. Water Cleaning Bottle

Water is life, or so they say. Definitely, nobody can survive without access to pure drinking water. An adventure trip means going to various places, including places where it is almost impossible to come across treated drinking water. You will need to find a way to make your water ideal for drinking.

The water purifier is a special type of bottle designed to make your trip awesome with access to drinking water wherever you are. When you come across a flowing river, or you are crossing a lake, and you are feeling thirsty, you simply use the bottle to clean the water for drinking.

Apart from removing water bacteria and infection-causing organisms, the bottle also removes impurities and solid particles from the water. On top of that, it takes only 15 seconds to have pure water for drinking. You only fetch, press, and drink – that simple!

5. A Fuel Tank for Extra Fuel

Off the road trips come with many adventures. But you need to be prepared well for all the conditions you will meet. As a traveller, you need to fill your motorbike with fuel to ensure that it lasts your journey. But at times, you might be going a far off place that your fuel tank cannot contain the required fuel. You will need other means for carrying enough fuel for the trip so that you do not get stuck in the wilderness.

Many people carry jerrycans for their extra oil needs. The only disadvantage about them is that they are meant to be carried in the hand. But you know that you cannot ride your bike while holding a container in your hand. You need to find a better solution for your petrol needs. The rotopax allows you to carry the fuel at the back of your motorcycle easily and worry-free. It comes with locking and mounting systems that make it easier and safer to mount on the rack.

6. A Backpacking Stove

On your adventure trip, you will definitely want to cook something for your stomach. The easiest way to cook in the wilderness is to carry a portable stove that fits in your backpack. It folds and fits in your bag as a small gadget. The good thing is that you can use firewood as well as connect it to cooking gas.


A real-time GPS tracker

There are many places where the cell service signal is poor. If you want to stay connected and keep track of your family, friends, or loved ones, you need an off-grid GPS tracker. GoFindMe is a small GPS tracker, water-resistant and has a strong battery that lasts at least 72 hours, which allows you to keep track of everyone in your group. The device also allows you to send voice messages and SOS messages if needed, which will immediately send an alarm notification to the smartphone app connected to the tracker.

The Bottomline

The gadgets you will need when touring the various parts of Australia, or any other country will depend on how you intend to do your trip. For example, if you are going out with a family, you will need more items for your trip, and it will be necessary to prepare your roof carrier systems to accommodate all the luggage. You will also need to confirm the weather condition to know what you need, for example, a tent or umbrellas. Gadgets necessary for adventure trips vary from one individual to another. They also depend on the activities you are up to. The means of transport, the duration of the trip, the destination, and budget are also some factors to consider when choosing the gadgets to take on your trip. Make your choices right to avoid running into inconveniences.

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