7 Ideas To Make An Effective Powerpoint Presentation for Your Business

Effective Powerpoint Presentation for Your Business

When it comes to Powerpoint Presentation we all know that it is quick to produce Results, Easy to update and Create Interest through visual content. But the Effectiveness of a PowerPoint presentation greatly lies in its design.

A Bad Presentation will harm your interest and steal the opportunity. Suppose you are looking out to fund your business and find an investor, Here how you showcase your business so that investors come and finance your project. Here an excellent presentation skill gives you flying colors and a bad presentation will drown the opportunity.

Many times people blame the software for boring presentations. But the reality is it’s their Demonstration style and skill which makes a presentation Unique. Here we are sharing a few ideas that make your presentation Exceptional and absolutely Terrific.

1. Keep It Simple

The Biggest mistake that people do with their presentation is that they overload the slide with too much text and images. That makes it complicated and difficult to understand the idea behind it. Simplicity is good for the presentation, that keeps the idea alive and let the audience focus on what you are saying.

Your slides should have plenty of white space or negative space that helps contribute a better understanding. Unnecessary graphics and text boxes create a hoax and disturb the Vision. It distracts the Audience from the Original idea rather than enhancing the Presentation.

2. Your Script

Your content is the most important thing in your Presentation. You cannot design or choose a template before knowing your Script. Your content should convey the idea in a logical manner so the people understand it clearly. A content with clutter and Argumentative thoughts will break the connectivity with your words and written script.

Once you are clear with the idea choose a template that will complement it. Use Bullets and Text Quotes to reach out to the audience so that they can understand you. Treat your script as a story that has Beginning, Middle and End. You must have a unique angle to transfer the idea to persuade your audience. Don’t try to Market your product, let the audience to connect and do an action.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Images and Visual Content convey emotions more effectively than words in Presentation. It will add visual interest and keep the audience engaged. A slide that contains one image accompanied by a few lines of text will say more than paragraphs of copy. You can take HD images with your camera or just buy the images online. Don’t use too many images in a single slide. Select images wisely that will go right with the content. A Picture with good contrast and color that matches your design theme will help you better connect with the audience.

Avoid Blurry images that will diminish the interest and you should have a solid background behind the image. So that the image will look like Popping up.

4. Use Charts and Diagrams

There is always a confusion among the Presenters that how much data to show up? There are several mediums to present the date in the Visual format which makes the presentation interesting and creates interest. Here we have several ways to present the data.

Bar Chart

Used to show changes in Overtime. Best if you limit the bars to 4-8.

Pie Chart

Used to show the Percentage of share. Better to slice up to a limit of 4-5

Line Chart

Used to demonstrate a trend. Like the sales figure in a quarter or over a period

In general, tables are good for comparison. It will effectively show how the figures are changing and segregate the data in an orderly fashion.

5. Have a look at your Design

When Preparing your Presentation to keep in mind that your presentation should be visible and text is readable from a far distance. Your powerpoint template design should match and complement the Font style it should not be smaller than 24pt. Your font selection plays a huge role in making your presentation appealing. Selecting a fancy font looks kiddish and you ended up with unreadable text and unclear idea.

To create a sense of unity within the presentation, never use more than two fonts for title and Body. small decoration of the words looks great and keep the audience active in your Presentation.

6. Keep a Single Idea on Each Slide

You should present your ideas in an orderly fashion. There should be only a single idea on each slide. This helps you better present your thoughts gives you more space to elaborate on a single point. You can give a lot of negative space or a single slide with just a few lines of text. One thing at a time gives you the time and elaborate that thing and keep the audience curious about your next move.

Writing all the Stuff in a single slide creates a bad impression and the audience will judge everything before hearing anything further. You can use Charts on another slide to present the numbers, the facts and figures to make your content lengthy.

7. Use a Good Background Colour

There are certain universal colors that you can use as the background of your Presentation. Light and sober colors are good it gives more room and creates a sense of openness. Dark themes are good too but avoid it using for Professional Purposes. There is a color theory which one should consider before selecting any color for the background.

Red It is Considered as dynamic, passionate, and even aggressive, color can be good if your presentation is very energetic and animated.
Yellow It is perceived as friendly and inviting color
Blue Considered as the color of calmness, responsibility, and trust – making it a suitable choice for any services which are looking to build trust.
Orange It is the color of innovation and success and can be used to inspire your audience.
Green Associated with nature and Greener.

A powerpoint presentation is a fantastic way to present your ideas. Generally, we all are afraid of Public speaking but with a good powerpoint template, innovative and uniques ideas amalgamated with Good speaking skills will make your presentation more appealing.

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