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8 Latest Smart Home Security Products

Smart Home Security

So you have finally managed to buy that dream home which was right on top of your to-do list, have invested heavily in home décor to make your dream home look like the ones from Disney’s fairy tales. Most people draw their stop line at this point and assume they have achieved all they had to when it comes to comfort living. But a smart person would not take a sigh of relief unless he/she has made sure that what’s inside their home is guaranteed to be safe. Big, small, or medium; every house today needs a bundle of smart home security products and we bring to you a concise list of some of the latest ones in the market:

1. Security Defense Alarm

This super-compact alarm system can help protect you and your belongings even if you forget to lock your doors or windows. The high pitched alarm can be as loud as the beating of a jackhammer. Which makes it audible to around a mile or even more! The installation is as simple as sticking the back of the instrument to the desired wall or window. The alarm is triggered as soon as the magnetic seal is broken. Doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it?!

2. Outdoor Spotlight – Solar Powered

In case you have certain areas of your lawn or outdoor areas which are blind to your security systems like cameras or sensors, and you suspect that these areas could be vulnerable to burglary or break-ins, you can have them lightened with this smart solar-powered spotlight. You do not have to worry about your electrical expenditure or wiring as this is completely solar powered. What’s more creative is that you can choose from various light colors or leave it for the bright white light to do its job!

3. Wireless Security Alarm System

Among the most complex and secure systems which you can invest in are your wireless security and alarm systems. It creates an extensive ring of protection around your house against burglaries and break-ins. It also provides remote controlling of your home appliances, lighting, and general security. And if you are planning to purchase one of these, then you don’t have to look any further, as, provides you with a state-of-the-art security alarm system.

4. WIFI wireless video monitoring system

You do not have to worry about the activities of your kids or your pets when you’re away from home as the wireless video monitoring system records and logs this data for you. The wide angle view coupled with zooming facility makes sure that everything is within site. Also, the night vision mode guarantees that nothing misses your sight even in pitch darkness.

5. Cameras with Smartphone Monitoring

Making video monitoring much more simple and interesting to use; this iOS, Android, and Windows Phone compatible camera has an amazing 340 degrees pan and tilt view to give you a large and focused view of the subject area. You can even communicate with your camera through an inbuilt mic and speaker with the help of its app. What’s more? It has inbuilt micro SD card slot which will allow you to play and replay videos that are worth several GBs!

6. Playing fake with the Fake Security Camera

Staying on the camera technology, this is one of our most attractive suggestion we could give. Technology in the field of home security is growing by leaps and bounds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while using it! You can install these fake CCTV look-a-likes and dupe the burglars in believing it to be a real life monitoring camera, keeping them at bay. Remember that this only an illusionary instrument and doesn’t really do any sort of monitoring. But be rest assured, as they have the ability to create a strong and secure parameter around your house.

7. Combination Safe for your Valuables

In an unfortunate event, where the burglars have managed to intrude into your house, your valuables can still be kept secured with a smart combination safe. Most of the combination safes are small in size, but you can easily store essentials like your jewelry or high denomination currency notes in them. You can also buy several such safes and have them stored at different locations inside your home. The safes also have a secure cable latched to it, which makes it practically impossible for the burglar to steal the entire safe. A light and very handy safety tool indeed!

8. WIFI Controlled Smart Socket Outlet

It doesn’t get any smarter than this. You can control the devices that are plugged-in to this socket remotely via an app. As a security feature, you can control the lights inside your house using this smart socket. This creates an illusion in the mind of the burglar about the presence of people inside the house. Thus, keeping them away from the house.

In addition to the smart security products, the electronic trash can will be a good choice for making your life cleaner and smarter with a smarter touch-free motion sensor.


With the above-mentioned devices, you can leave your house for days on the stretch without having to worry about your valuables as the security systems are always at work, relaying data and performing tasks upon your command.

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