How To Have All Bases Covered When Keeping Your Office Secure


CCTV systemOffice security is something that can be quite hard to set up. Keeping every single item of worth safe from the threat of being stolen is easier said than done, but if you have thousands of pounds or dollars’ worth of kit within the confines of your premises, then it’s a case of needs must. Security comes in a variety of forms, but different items need different solutions which can work together.

File Under Safe

The first place to start should be with your electronic files. They may carry sensitive data that, if falling into the wrong hands, could cost your company dear. Installing a comprehensive anti-malware programme on each computer, laptop and tablet in the office is a good start, but it must also include a firewall. Data encryption is useful too in case any files do get accessed in a malicious way.

As for any files you have stored online, it might be worth considering using a physical solution as suggested by Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain. This involves storing any files you have on the cloud on a physical hard drive as a form of back-up. Using the cloud for important files should be thought through carefully every time.

Tech Stock

Keeping actual technological items safe is even more important. To do this, voiding labels could be considered as effective. They can be highly effective for inventory purposes, but they’re also good for acting as a physical deterrent for thieves both inside and outside of the office. The code on each label means they can be traced easily with the help of the police.

Voiding labels can be used for just about anything. As well as computers, printers, servers and monitors, they can also be used for pieces of hardware such as external hard drives and even large pieces of furniture, making them pretty versatile as well as handy.

The final piece of the security jigsaw should be a security alarm system. Having an alarm system can help to catch any intruders out if they enter your premises. Alongside an alarm, it might be worth having a CCTV system that can be monitored around the clock. They can help you to identify any activity that seems suspicious, inside or outside of the premises.

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