6 Training Apps For A Triathlon – Android & iOS Mobile Phones


Training for a triathlon at any level requires time and commitment. You could probably get away with doing a bit of swimming, a bit of cycling, and a bit of running in preparation, but if you want to perform to the best of your capabilities, you need to be a lot more systematic and stick to a regular training schedule. Thankfully modern technology is there to help and if you have a  mobile, you can download some great training apps to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Swim Training

Freestyle Swimming AppOk, so taking your phone into the pool may not be such a clever idea, so a swim training app (Android / iOS) is unlikely to be very useful. But if you are having trouble perfecting your freestyle stroke, check out swimming videos on YouTube and see where you are going wrong.

Bike Training

Strava Cycling App

  • Strava is one of the best websites for keen cyclists. Create an account and download the Strava app (Android / iOS) to your  mobile phone. The app uses GPS to log your rides and upload them to the Strava website. You can check your performance against other cyclists who have ridden the same routes and if your times are better than theirs, you earn King of the Mountain awards. Use the Strava app to plot your cycle training progress and keep a track on many miles you are putting in on the bike.
  • Move! Bike computer app (Android / iOS ) is another useful GPS app for your mobile. Once activated, the app records your ride and will give you instant feedback when you stop, telling you how far and how fast your ride was.

Run Training

Run with Map My Run App

  • MapMyRun app for Android / iOS is great for those who want to record every run they do. The GPS app logs your distance and tells you what your pace was. The app records the run on a map so you can see where you went. Each run you do is recorded separately and logged in your online MapMyRun account, so you can track your progress as training moves forward.
  • RunKeeper is another popular running app (Android / iOS) for those who want to track their run training. It uses GPS tracking to calculate distance, time and pace of the run. You can also use the app for bike training, too.

Triathlon Training App

ithlete AppIf you prefer a one app fits all kind of approach, a triathlon training app is the perfect solution. There are several triathlon training apps for android phones, but one of the best is the iThlete app (Android / iOS), which works with a heart rate monitor to measure your effort level while you train. The app isn’t free, but may be worth the small investment if you take your training very seriously.

And for those who are new to triathlon, download the First Time Triathlon app to your phone and take advantage of the customised triathlon training plans for beginners.

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