Blogging With Joomla! Is It a Viable Choice or Not?


Blogging has become an indispensable tool for businesses, as it helps in creating brand awareness. Certainly, when it comes to building a blogging site, most of the people favor WordPress over other content management systems available. But, what if you’ve been running a Joomla website? I’ve seen a lot of people often using two different CMS systems to meet their requisites. For instance, while they use Joomla so as to add complex functionalities in their site, on the other hand, some of them use WordPress to run their blogs. But doing so will not only take a considerable amount of your time, but you’ll also have to invest huge chunk of money – for managing two systems simultaneously.

I’ll suggest that rather than using a second system, that is, WordPress for your blogging needs it’s better to use Joomla! for blogging.

Give a Chance to Blogging in Joomla

I’ve heard a lot of debate and discussions whether to choose Joomla to create blogs or not. In fact, I believe that here you’ll be wondering that why you should even bother using Joomla to build blog posts as it seemingly lacks the blogging capabilities that comes built-in with WordPress. Now without going in depth over the benefits that Joomla provides over WP, I’ll just say that Joomla is an award winning and a mature content management system that powers millions of websites around the world. Besides it is more secure and manage large number of pages in comparison to WP. Considering these factors that determines how Joomla pitch itself head-to-head with WordPress, I think Joomla deserves a chance to be used for blogging.

Use Joomla Extensions to Turn Your Website Into a Blog

If you want to make your Joomla site turn into a blog, then there are few plug-ins that can help you accomplish your vision. Let’s overview some of the most important Joomla blog extensions, which you can download from the Joomla! Extensions directory.

Extensions – For Blog Integration

WordPress Blog for JoomlaIf you’re looking to build a WP like Blog, there are a few extensions available for you that can do the job. One of the most top rated and sough-after plugin for blog integration is WordPress Blog for Joomla! This plug-in comes packed with all of WP’s blogging tools, which gives you the control to have the power of WordPress. Now with the blogging power as that of WordPress in your Joomla site, you won’t possibly think of leaving Joomla.

Extensions – To Add Comments Functionality

At present, several dozen comment extensions are available, spread across two categories in the extension directory. One of the most important blogging features that you might not find in Joomla is the ability to let visitors comment on the blog posts. Fortunately, there are plenty of comment extensions out there that allow adding comment functionality to the Joomla site. For example, Komento, Jcomments, yvComment are the three most popular Joomla comment extensions available.

Extensions – To Share Social Functionality

joomla social sharing buttonsSocial sharing has proved to be a phenomenon that helps to make a business go viral. In order to set-up a successful blog it’s imperative that it must be enriched with social sharing options, thereby giving your readers the ability to share your articles to other individuals via social media channels. For example, Social Button Pack, Joomla! AddThis, Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin, and Digg Module to name a few are some of the best social sharing plugins that you can use.

Extensions – To Add Author Information

One more WP standard blog feature that isn’t present in Joomla is the knack to display author information in the posts or articles. You can only display the name of the author by default. Thus, to present more detailed information about the author in your articles you can download plug-ins such as Author Info Box, and others.

The Bottom Line

The competition in the marketplace is getting tougher with each passing day, and thus, it’s becoming daunting for businesses to survive and sustain their market standing in today’s competitive milieu. So, if you need a blogging system it’s better to stay with one system, rather than using two CMS systems to meet your needs. Those looking to build blogs in an instant can pick WordPress. But if you need more complex functions to be added, then it’s better to choose blogging with Joomla. Also, there are several plugins you can use to embed blogging functionalities into your Joomla powered site.

You can refer to the above-mentioned ones so as to make your blog more compelling, but there are lots of other blog extensions out there for you to explore. So keep exploring!

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